Link Internet

Asianet Broadband (ABB) is the Internet division of Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd and is among the top  10 ISPs in India. ABB is also the No.1  pvt. ISP in Kerala with over 21 years in cable TV industry and over 15 years experience in Broadband technology. . ABB is proud to say that we have over 1.35 Lac residential/SME subscribers  across the state. ABB also provides an array of  various services  to serve consumers like VoIP, Web Hosting, Web site development,   Enterprises business solution wing, VAS, etc.

As you are aware, Internet is absolutely essential in all spheres of day to day life. With more and more emphasis on education, communication and  several transactions happening through the internet and  with India  fast becoming an IT powerhouse of the globe, you would appreciate that every house hold, SMEs and other corporate, need to be equipped to work and live in the world powered by Computers while riding on Internet.

Towards this objective, ABB has a vision of providing Internet to every household in villages and small cities in Kerala at an affordable cost starting from Rs.280 p.m.  To achieve this goal, Asianet launched a scheme NET thru Link. We have an array for schemes based on the customer choice. The details of the plans are attached in the leaflet.

By joining us you can double your income by providing Internet through your cable Line and no longer you will know as LCO, but will be known as a sub Internet service provider. You are invited to the family who is now providing the future technology and now almost it’s an essential service.

We request you to go thru the following features to become a fancy earning partner of ours.

  • 24×7 customer care, regional/local service centers
  • Technology can be either in DOCSIS or GPON (we are the only people in Kerala and Tamil Nadu)
  • Adoption of emerging technology time to time
  • 100 Mbps plan thru Fiber