10 Hacks for Faster Online Gaming Connection

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Anyone who has been through the nail-biting agony waiting for their net connection to complete buffering, will know the importance of having a reliable high speed broadband connection. And if you happen to be an online competitive gamer, then a reliable internet connection becomes indispensable. Here are 10 simple hacks to maximize the efficiency of your internet connect and improve your gaming experience:

Wi-Fi network

You can check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi through certain mobile apps. These apps let you know where the signal strength is strongest in the house for placing your gaming device. Without a strong signal, no matter how well you play your games, you’re likely to fall behind. You might have made an extra effort to up your game, like learning how to build Subnautica cyclops quickly, but because of a weak Wi-Fi signal, you would not be able to show off your new skill.


Most modern routers come with antennas. Align one antenna parallel with the antenna on your gaming device to experience significant improvement in your gaming experience.


Radio frequency wave emitting devices close to your gaming console can cause interference with your game. Shift your gaming device away from such sources of interference.

Multiple Devices

When gaming over a Wi-Fi connection, ensure that your home network is not overcrowded with multiple devices hooked on simultaneously. Decongesting the Wi-Fi will ensure there are no speed drops.


There is a possibility that there are downloads running in the background of your computer leading to slowdown of your game. Consider shutting down all downloads to improve your gaming performance.

Router Placement

Sometimes even the latest router models with enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities are unable to give you the performance you desire because of their location. Try placing it where there are enough surfaces for signals to bounce off to reach your gaming device.

Router Dead Spots

There will invariably be dead spots in your home where the Wi-Fi signal is zero. Find these dead spots and avoid placing your gaming device there.


Sometimes a simple restart of your router can act as a quick fix for the inefficiency of your Wi-Fi. Schedule a regular reboot of your router to enjoy better gaming experiences.


Routers featuring multi-channel connections offer you the opportunity to switch channels and use the one offering least interference.


And if nothing else works out, here is a reason for you to upgrade your router to one with easy configuration options to make your Wi-Fi better for gaming!