Advantages of Leased Line Connections

leased line connection

The modern way of doing business is largely dependent on the internet. While the broadband suffices for homes and smaller offices, larger organizations prefer the leased internet connections.

A leased line basically refers to a direct private internet connection between specific endpoints or locations. This type of connection can be used safely for transfer of data, voice/video calls or any other form of secure communication. There is no third party involved here and it’s also referred to as dedicated internet, private circuit or data line. There are a number of advantages associated with leased lines and here is a look at some of them:

Speed: Unlike broadband, you wont experience any fluctuations in speed here, such as during peak-use hours. The amount of bandwidth paid for is what is allocated. Leased line speeds can be up to 10Gbps.

Reliable: Another advantage with leased lines is that they come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) wherein the providers can monitor the various performance parameters of the connection. SLAs also ensure the leased line customer gets compensated in the event of failure to live up to the agreement made. Broadband customers don’t get this facility.

Symmetrical: This simply means people with leased line connections have access to similar download and upload speeds. Hence you can make VoIP calls, transfer data-intensive files and work remotely without any hitches.

IP address: Internet leased lines (ILL) give the organization access to their own permanent IP address too – this is an excellent option for commercial internet services.

Fiber optic technology: Leased lines provide faster and more reliable internet connection using fiber optic technology.

Privacy: Unlike broadband connections, leased lines ensure greater privacy and security as there are no third party users. They are ideal for clients handling sensitive data.

Unlimited: Leased lines offer extended range of data usage. It can start from 64Kbps and go much higher. This is beneficial for companies with a large number of employees hooked onto the same leased line.

Back-up support: Owning a leased line means the customer enjoys prompt 24/7 support for any problems.

Its should be clear by now that large organizations with multiple offices should opt for leased lines for better service at reduced costs.