Artificial Intelligence to Deal With Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security

Be it businesses or individuals Cybersecurity is a constant concern for everyone. With the COVID 19 forcing us to stay indoors, the world is going digital at an unprecedentedly fast pace, and so are the changes. And the cyber-attacks are growing too. To keep track of every cyberattack is beyond man. And where a man can’t go, machines can. This is where Artificial Intelligence, they say can help. Let’s take a look at how this is being worked out.

An AI, simplified

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a wide-ranging branch of computing that build smart machines capable of executing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches. However, it presents advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in almost every sector of the industry.

Cyber attacks, simplified

A typical cyber-attack is an attempt by adversaries or cybercriminals trying to access, alter, or damage a target’s computer system or network in an unauthorized way. It is systematic, intended, and calculated exploitation of technology to affect computer networks and systems to disrupt organizations and operations reliant on them. And there are instances where AI has been used to aid cyber attacks. This is mainly because there are endless data packets that will have to be analyzed to spot a threat – something that will take humans a considerable amount of time.

So, how can AI aid humans in thwarting cyber attacks? This is where Machine Learning (ML) comes to play. Artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with machine learning (ML) is playing an increasing role in cybersecurity now. With security tools analyzing data from millions of cyber incidents and using it to identify potential threats. The machine-learning database can ‘learn’ about any form of malware based on the data that is already available. So when a new form of malware or a virus appears, the machine learns and blocks the attack based on the existing data. The advantage that AI here offers is that it can be developed and trained in a way that supersedes human abilities.

The fact remains that the internet brings a huge world at our fingertips. However, care has to be taken to protect the data we share online. Keep up with the latest in tech news with a seamless online experience with Asianet Broadband.