Best Gaming ISPs

Are you someone who hates the word buffering? You are not alone. This bane can be all the more frustrating if you are streaming a show or playing a game. Here are some of the reasons why you are facing this issue, and ways to get over this hassle.

Understand Your Internet Needs

As the saying goes ‘Ping is King’ for online gamers and streamers. When compared with other online habits like browsing the net or watching a video, gaming is a highly variable beast. And this is where the latency between the pings matter. In the internet lingo, a ‘Ping’ is that the time it takes a data packet to depart your device, reach a server, and come back (as measured in milliseconds). Latency is the time it takes for data packets to reach your device from a server. And for a gamer, latency and ping are the most important factors. When you are gaming, the real-time communication aspect is what comes to play. As you know, if you are racing against other players to accomplish a goal, being a half-second out of sync can completely ruin your game.

So, how much data do you need?

So, given that you are into gaming and streaming how much data do you really need? It is a no-brainer, of course, data needs vary depending on your usage. However, to put it into a general perspective, a broadband connection (25+ Mbps download) should provide good enough service for casual gaming. If you’re a serious gamer you probably want the closest to 1 Gbps and unlimited data as you can get.

And it is here that you have to measure – and keep measuring continuously. Testing your ping, latency, by running a few tests using our Internet speed test tool especially in the peak hours is a must. When in doubt contact your ISP.

Why Asianet

Established in 1993 Asianet Broadband has become a market leader in Kerala, and has been rated among the top 20 ISPs of India by TRAI and also one of the fastest-growing ISPs in India. With a subscriber base of over 1,70,000 home, SME and corporate customers in Kerala alone, Asianet Broadband provides one of the fastest internet connections in Kerala.