Broadband or Mobile Data More Advantageous

Broadband or Mobile Data More Advantageous | Asianet Broadband

Fixed Broadband offers you unlimited internet access with a decent speed. On the other hand, if your usage is less, then mobile data packs may be suitable for you. Again, if you are consistently moving around, Broadband will not benefit you. But If you are fine with fixed services, then wired broadband will be more suitable for you than using mobile internet packs. An important point to note here is that if there is no coverage in your area, mobile internet pack will prove to be a total waste.

The advantages of mobile broadband are that since it is portable, you can carry it anywhere with you. You can also use the internet by connecting a dongle, Wi-Fi hotspot, or access the internet through the phone itself. So, there is the leisure of watching movies, streaming music, etc when you are on the move also. On the other hand, fixed broadband is fixed and it can be used only at home. Mobile broadband is good in areas where the fixed landline is difficult to reach especially in rural areas. There is also no need to pay rent for mobile broadband. Flexibility is another benefit of mobile broadband plans with some networks offering monthly rolling contracts whereas fixed broadband connection usually will be on at least 12-month contract. In some localities, 4G speed may be higher than local fixed broadband. Mobile broadband is the best option if you are a light internet user and don’t want to have a phone line at home. Or else, you travel a lot and internet connection with you is important.

On the other hand, fixed broadband is more reliable and has a lower latency which makes it better for games and video calls. It is faster than 4G in most of the areas, especially in urban areas and cities. The cap for download is higher in fixed broadband than in mobile broadband. Even, some providers offer packs with unlimited downloads. In mobile broadbands, there will be a set limit and once you exceed the limit, you end up paying extra charges. In addition to this, if you already have a line rental at home, fixed broadband will work at a cheaper cost for you than getting a mobile hotspot.

To summarize, fixed broadband is the best option as it is more reliable, gives a better deal, provides more consistent speed and no caps on data usage. It becomes an absolute necessity if you want to stream live videos, play games or download files in a reasonable amount of time.