Can Fiber Optic Communication Be Hacked?

Precautions to Safeguard the Data

The answer is a resounding yes. According to an IDC report, hackers can access data by tapping the fibre-optic networks used by anyone around the world!

IDC research analyst Romain Fouchereau said that the reputation of a fibre-optic cable network as more secure than copper cables wasn’t justified and that new and inexpensive technologies have now made data theft easily possible for hackers without detection. The report adds that organizations that carry sensitive information across fibre-optic cables are potentially vulnerable from criminal threats because much of the cabling is easily accessible and not adequately protected.

How do hackers do it?

According to his report, Fouchereau says that hacks on optical networks could be achieved simply by extracting light from ultra-thin fibres. Once a successful tap has been achieved, software that records, monitors, and analyses the data, can capture the data. The report warns organizations in the financial, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors to be extra careful when they deliver sensitive information across fibre-optic cables around the world.

So, what are the precautions that you have to take? These are the most basic things to keep in mind.

Use an Encryption System

Constant vigilance is the need of the hour. Individuals and businesses should not only focus on securing information that is already stored in company devices, database centres, or in the cloud. Data that is being transmitted between locations need to be protected as well. Never ignore or dismiss a glitch, that could be a hazard. It is advisable to use encryption, be it with a pgp telefoon kopen system or another possible option on the market, as an extra layer of protection for data.

Use a Monitoring System

Keep an eye on the cables because the physical access to the data cables can lead to the hacking of the fibre- optic network. Use sensors that alert you to ensure the safety of your network. This will help you with monitoring real-time physical disturbances.

Control Access to Facility

It is ideal to place strict limits on who can access your system. This helps prevent internal hacking from employees who may have unethical intentions.

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