How to Choose the Right Broadband Plan for Home

Choose the Right Broadband Plan for Home - Asianet Broadband

Choosing the right broadband plan for your family requires a little bit of homework. You will first have to categorize all your needs before thinking of investing in a plan. Here are a few things to consider before finalizing on a plan:

  • Your broadband needs – heavy, medium or light
  • Your data needs
  • Method of connecting to the Internet
  • What type of speeds you will need
  • Pre-paid or Post-paid

When choosing a broadband plan, you should first consider how many people will be using it and how many devices will be attached to it. Present lifestyles mean that there will be desktops, laptops, tabs, and smartphones all needing access to your broadband connection at any given time. You will also have to have an idea of the amount of data you will need. For example, if you’re into gaming, you’ll need a fast and reliable connection. If you’re playing a game like League of Legends, you may have to check for many details including various champion’s build (check our top yasuo build by rank) that could help with making an informed decision about the champion you may want to choose while playing the game. Will your family members be downloading movies or music often? And will it be used for gaming too? Or will your broadband needs be limited to just checking emails, social media, and the occasional browsing? Then there are those who work from home every once in a while, ratcheting up the data needs. Keeping all this in mind will give you an idea of whether your broadband needs are going to fall in the ‘heavy user’, ‘medium user’ or ‘light user’ category.

Depending on what you are going to use your internet connection for, your needs for speed will also vary accordingly. Downloading or uploading large files, video streaming or gaming all mean you will need high speeds too. Once you have figured out your data needs and the speeds you will be required, it’s time to check what type of Internet service providers are available in your area and their reliability. You will also need to check if their customer service is available 24×7. The different types of internet services include ADSL, Naked DSL, fiber and mobile broadband.

Once you have decided on your internet service provider, it’s now time to check out the different plans available. You will want to know whether you should go with a pre-paid or a post-paid plan. And if you are going with a pre-paid plan, do enquire if there is a top-up facility available just in case you max out your data plan. Since there is always the possibility of running out of data when taking a connection for home use, it’s best to go with ‘unlimited’ plans.

ADSL high-speed broadband plans are more suitable for multiple-users on multiple devices at home.