Digital Clean-up: Tips to Get Your Digital Life Back in Shape

digital cleanup

Just the way a home is cleaned out from top-to-bottom once a year to get rid of unused junk and to restore order, so too do digital devices also need a clean-up once in a while. Giving your digital world a thorough clean-up helps it to work optimally and get more work done in less time. Here’s a simple guide to getting your digital life back in shape:

Desktop – Over time, the desktop gets completely covered by random files, many of which you never open and are no longer useful. Take the time out to go through them one by one and delete as many as possible.

Software – Take the time out to go through all your installed apps. Chances are you no longer need many of them. Uninstalling them will not only create much-needed space but also speed up your device.

Inbox – While emails make life that much easier, many will no longer be of significance. Get rid of the stagnant ones the smart way – group them according to sender and then delete what’s no longer useful.

Unsubscribe – Digital existence can be so much easier when there is less junk clogging up your mail. A good many mails might just be e-newsletters and e-magazines that you no longer find interesting. Hit the unsubscribe link and then delete all their mails.

Download Folders – Go through your downloaded folders and you would be surprised by how much space is being taken up by downloads that are no longer necessary. By clearing your hard drive off this space, you could actually speed up your system.

Web Browser – You can also clean up your browser and increase privacy by deleting non-essential websites from your browsing history, deleting cookies and disabling superfluous extensions.

Start-up programs – If your device is taking too long to boot up, delete all the unnecessary start-up programs slowing it down.

Visual effects – Non-essential visual effects can also slow down your computer or smart phone. Go to the ‘Setting’ section of your device and click on remove visual effects. This should clear up space and contribute towards speeding up your device.

Hope these tips turn helpful in your digital clean-up!