Why does your home need a broadband connection with unlimited data plan?

Why does your home need a broadband connection with unlimited data plan?

As the world is going digital, the need for broadband connections is on the rise. And India is at par in the global need for better and faster broadband connectivity in every home. Lifestyles have changed so much over the years that the internet is required for almost everything, as can be seen in the key internet statistics that can be seen online.

In an average home, children need the internet for digging up information for completing their homework and projects. Aside from this, the internet serves as a good source of information for almost anything and everything….even in the kitchen! For the day when you feel like eating something different, you can look up the recipe of almost anything on the net and enjoy a new experience without any hassles.

Communication is also internet-dependent these days, with social websites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype being a very popular and cheap means of communication, especially when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family living abroad. Watching movies on the internet at home is also a common hobby for many people, whether they are watching alone or hosting a movie night with friends. Just imagine – you have planned a movie night and called all your friends. You might also have gone out of your way to a Westminster liquor store to pick up all the alcohol you and your friends would need for the night. The food is there, people are there, and the movie has just begun. But in the middle, due to your slow bandwidth, the movie stops. That would be a big failure for all your effort that went into creating the movie night. With a single broadband connection being used for so many activities, there is always the chance that you could run out of data before the end of the billing month. For this reason, it’s better to opt for an unlimited broadband plan when selecting a package for use at the house. And to top it all, they are usually affordable too.

So for web-heavy households, using unlimited packages is definitely a necessity so there is no fear for the family of running out of data. The average family home in urban areas uses almost one full day equivalent of internet use per week with at least three or more people hooked on to the net at the same time at night times. It’s also been predicted that at least 50% of homes use the internet for watching movies at one time or the other in the urban landscape. With so many uses of broadband, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for households without at least one connection to depend on internet service. A common Wi-Fi is used in homes so that the whole family can connect to it for their personal uses. An unlimited data plan is therefore indispensable for homes.

We have been talking about data, but what exactly do we mean by it? By data use, we are referring to the gigabytes used, which are a measure of the amount of data used to send or receive information over the network. One gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes or 1,048,576 kilobytes or 1024 megabytes.

To get a clearer picture, 1GB is equal to about 50,000 single-page emails without attachments. Or you could say 1GB is equivalent to data used to watch an 80-minute movie in standard definition or a 20-minute movie in high definition. By this, you can get a better idea of how much data you will need every month.

When going for an unlimited plan connection, check for the upfront installation fee; you will also need to check the time lengths for such plans, whether they are on a monthly basis or an annual basis. Since most ISPs offer add-ons, you can also choose the extras depending upon your own special needs.