Why does a Home with Children Need Broadband?

Why does a Home with Children Need Broadband?

Times are a changing, so much so that most aspects of life are now becoming irrevocably linked to the internet. Since the advent of the broadband internet with its wider bandwidth and greater downloading speeds, internet usage has been receiving glaring attention and being incorporated into most home and businesses activities. Aside from its usage in the office where emails and large data files have to be exchanged, it’s also needed to operate numerous apps to enable optimal functioning of the office.

The story doesn’t end there however as broadband internet is equally important at home. Gone are the days when a paper and pencil were enough to complete that nightly routine of homework from school; these days homework in urban areas is either sent online and needs to be completed and sent back online too, or homework needs reference to online books or other information available on search engines like Google. Though it’s great to use modern technology as well as go paperless to save the environment, this form of compulsory use of the internet can be a drawback for a certain section of the population.

Not all people opt to have broadband enabled Wi-Fi at home and the children living in such homes become disadvantaged. Going to cyber cafés for homework isn’t always practical, so a high-speed broadband is increasingly becoming a necessity for homes. It could mean the difference between making it in school to falling behind in classes.

The method of teaching has also been undergoing a change with teachers now referring students of all ages to go online and find out more details of whatever is taught to them in school. This type of teaching is more practical as it exposes the child to a plethora of other useful information too! As a parent you might be concerned about inappropriate content or online stalking, and that’s normal enough; just make sure you have a good computer security system and block certain sites along with teaching your child the basic rules of staying safe on the internet.

Internet on a phone isn’t convenient for student use and parents need to provide computers with fixed internet connections that are more reliable and steady in speed bandwidths…..along with the fear of draining the phone battery. Low-income parents may not be able to provide the above, in which case the child will have to depend on internet on a Smartphone.

There are many distant education programs that also need a broadband connection for convenience in studying, so first make sure you have a reliable internet connection before enrolling for such courses.

Aside from this, children of this generation like to spend a lot of time online for extracurricular activities too that include chatting on social media, making free video calls as well as live streaming videos, watching movies and gaming online. For all this, an unlimited broadband plan would be the best and we at Asianet Broadband services offer great packages that suit your needs as well as your pocket. We even offer special packs for students that are very affordable and sufficient for their data needs.