How to Improve Broadband Speed

Improve Broadband Speed - Asianet Broadband

When you feel unsatisfied with your broadband speeds, the first person you feel like blaming is your internet service provider (ISP). However, there are a number of factors that could be behind your slow net speeds and you need to try them out before blaming your ISP and looking for another broadband package. Here’s a look at some of the ways that you can jack up internet speeds:


Update your browser to the latest version for faster speeds. Or you could configure your browser to maximum speeds of browsing. An example is Chrome which automatically downloads pages in the background based on your browsing.

Computer setting

Sometimes downloading speeds are poor because of incorrect computer settings. An example is Microsoft Windows which comes with default settings that may be slowing down your speeds. You should also ensure that your PC isn’t an outdated model.

Software running in the background

Once you log on your computer, many programs start running in the background and could be the reason for slowing down your computer. Certain programs like Windows and security sites are essential, but other programs should be stopped to enhance speeds.


The wireless router you use also matters, aside from its location in your home/office. Ensure that there are no walls in between to minimize obstruction of signals. Such wireless signals also get interference from other wireless appliances in the house like the microwave oven, cordless phone, or even the baby monitor. With a wireless router, to ensure that you have a secured connection that can’t be misused or hacked into. Essential bank information can be stolen this way. And unknown to you, people in the neighbourhood could also be using your data, bringing down speeds.

Windows configuration

In some computers, the wireless card or the default settings for Windows might not be configured for higher speeds. In such a case, you will need to reset it to the desired speed as provided by your ISP and restart the computer.

Signal repeaters

Sometimes simple things like a longer router aerial or use of signal repeaters kept in strategic places can enhance your wireless speeds. This can increase speeds by 30-50%. Other than this, you could try keeping your router on an elevated place for better signals and speeds.


Give your PC a cleanup regularly, change the settings, clear up the stored cache and stop automatic updates. You will be surprised at the consequently improved performance. You should also update your anti-virus protection.

If all this doesn’t work, then call up your ISP!