How to Increase Internet Speed in Mobiles

mobile Internet speed

Everyone has been through those hair-raising moments at one time or another when they had to suffer through moments of phone silence due to internet buffering. There are multiple reasons why your phone could be experiencing slow or lagging internet connection, and it doesn’t always have to do with your ISP. The slow data connection on your mobile phone could be due to network congestion, poor connectivity, or having something to do with too many apps running in the background on your phone.

Here is a look at some of the possible reasons why your mobile phone is experiencing slow internet connectivity:

Congested traffic on your network

If there are too many people or devices on your Wi-Fi or cellular connection, there can be bandwidth hogging resulting in slow speeds

Poor connection

Poor reception (no bars) would result in poor mobile data service. And if you are on Wi-Fi, there are probably too many devices hooked up.

Active apps

When there are too many bandwidth-hogging active apps running in the background, sometimes even the fastest data plans aren’t enough.

Network resetting

Sometimes, the phone’s network settings get mixed up and all you need is a resetting!

The cache is full

The browser saves data and the cache can sometimes become full and can slow down your internet browsing.

Now that you know the causes of slow internet mobiles, here are some ways to increase the speeds:


For a quick reboot, try turning off your phone and restarting again. This usually solves the problems.

Shut down background apps

The more active apps running in the background, the slower your intent speeds. Shut down some of the unused apps to enhance performance.

Clear the cache

Clean out your mobile phone’s cache regularly for maximum internet speeds. Or download Smart Cleaner to optimize your phone.


Turn off auto-updates so they don’t hog your data while you are using the phone. You can manually switch on updates before sleeping.

Reset network settings

All you need do here is go to Settings, select Mobile Network, go to Mobile Operator, then automatically turn it Off. Once done, manually look for the operator and click on the correct option.

Switch ISP

And if nothing else works, maybe it’s time to change your telecom provider!