How to Secure Home Surveillance Camera on Wi-Fi?

surveillance camera

Internet-enabled cameras, also known as IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, are a popular addition to the home security system. You can keep an eye on your home, both inside and outside, with live audio and video feeds using an internet browser. These cameras come with a software that connects it directly to your home Wi-Fi internet. This way, you can be anywhere in the world and yet have remote 24/7 viewing access to your property with these IP cameras.

Home security is of high importance for homeowners, they want to know that whether they are inside or outside their home, they are leaving it secure from any potential problems. Many tend to look at companies similar to alarm companies in miami who can set up a surveillance system inside their home to prevent any kind of mishaps in their absence. However, digital security can only go so far, so they may combine it with other forms of security like putting up security gates as well as applying for a firearm that they can keep in a safe spot in case it is needed. Visiting websites like as well as others, can help them with finding the best accessories as well as offering insight into how to operate a firearm in instances like these. There are many layers to home security and technology is just one of them. So whether you rely on a tech security system, a gun, or have new locks installed with a Locksmith Elsternwick service for that extra layer of protection, you need to do what you can to ensure that your home is safe for the whole family.

There is one possible snag however associated with these cameras as they are vulnerable to digital snooping. To overcome this issue, read the details carefully when shopping for a surveillance camera and go with those that encrypt data before transmitting it. Here is some more information required to keep your home surveillance camera safe over the Wi-Fi:

Wireless – As there are both wired and wireless surveillance cameras available in the market, opt for those that are wireless. The wired versions need to connect to your electrical system and are a burden to install. The wireless work on battery and are easier to install and can work even if there is a power cut.

Secure transmission – When buying an IP camera, look for one that supports wireless security protocols like the WPA2. This ensures that the data is secure as it travels over the internet to your wireless home router. As you are likely to be accessing your surveillance camera’s feed remotely, look for cameras that support SSL/TLS or some other similar industry standard. This ensures that your video feed is safe as it travels over the internet. The camera should also be able to encrypt all information including your password, username and live feed.

App – Before accessing your camera’s app, check that you are using the updated version with the latest security features.

Password – When accessing your IP camera, ensure that the app’s password is strong along with the password for the smart phone used for accessing live video feed.

Wi-Fi – Never use a public Wi-Fi to access your camera’s feed as it could get hacked. Instead, stay safe and use your phone’s secure internet browser to log into your camera’s app.