India’s Current Status on Cybersecurity & Cyber Hygiene

cyber security in india

The ongoing pandemic has kicked the life out of gear for most people and brought in a new norm. Almost everything ranging from work, education, socializing, shopping and payment of utility bills have now gone online. With these changes, cyber crimes in the cyber landscape have shot up multi-fold too. It’s estimated that around 4 lakh malware and 375 cyber attacks are occurring daily across the country. And this is aside from the voice-based frauds that people have been falling prey to.

New Users

The sudden move towards digitization by the new internet users, especially from the rural and sub-urban areas, has made them more vulnerable to frauds, phishing and data breaches. There is a strong need for citizens to become aware of the dangers of enticing click-baits; these are linked to malware that extracts valuable information from internet users.

Cyber Hygiene

Cyber hygiene refers to the steps and precautions taken by internet users to improve their online security and keep sensitive data safe. Practicing cyber hygiene and not clicking on unknown links is the best solution to staying safe.


Cybersecurity on the other hand refers to a body of technologies designed to protect internet-connected systems and programs. These include keeping software, hardware, and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. For example, businesses will implement such services as it consulting and tech support to help them with cybersecurity to make sure that they are secure and safe with a minimal chance of a breach on their systems.

People are easily falling prey to cyber crimes through various portals including security flaws in video conferencing apps and ransomware or malware attacks on digital payment portals. There is a greater need to create awareness about the constant threat in the digital environment for cyber attacks and the need to be constantly on guard when online. Cybersecurity needs to be given the same kind of attention as physical disasters and physical asset management.

Better Policies

While cybersecurity is an ongoing priority, there is now a renewed focus on this sector at the state and central government levels. New policies will soon be coming through to strengthen digital identity protection, data security and transactional security. With this, India is expected to enter an era of cyber resilience and better cybersecurity, be it with help from comparisons of Alert Logic vs. Tripwire or with its own internal software packages.

This aggressive move in the field of cybersecurity and cyber hygiene tools is important as people are getting increasingly dependent on computing equipment and smartphones for communication and online banking systems.