Is it illegal to access dark Web from India?

Is it illegal to access dark Web from India? - Asianet Broadband

Dark Web is usually referred to as World Wide Web content that exists on the darknets, overlay networks that use the Internet but requires specific software, or configuration to access it. Dark Web, sometimes mistakenly referred to the as deep web, is also that part of Web not indexed by Search Engines.

Dark Web includes small friend-to-friend networks as well as large networks and popular networks operated by public organizations and individuals. Very often, the identity and location of darknet users remain unidentified and cannot be tracked due to a layer of protection or encryption. This is made possible by using a number of intermediate servers which protects the user’s identity. Due to the level of complexity involved, it is almost impossible to decrypt the information and track the location and IP of the users. In such a way, communication between darknet users is highly confidential allowing them to chat and share files in a secure way.

The unhealthy side of the dark web is that you can buy personal credit card numbers, drugs, arms, stolen subscription credentials, Netflix accounts and other software that enables you to break into other people’s personal accounts. However, everything in the dark web is not illegal, it has a legal side also. For example, you can join a ‘chess club’ or ‘Black Book’, a social network which is described as ‘the Facebook of Tor’.

While coming to the legality of accessing the dark web from India, it has to be said that there are no written laws which prohibit people from accessing Dark Web. At the same time, it can be termed as illegal also since you may accidentally get into trouble since most of these web site doesn’t have names which are readable and hence you don’t really know what is there in it and where it could end up with. So, it is always better to stay away from browsing such websites. Moreover, you can be 100% traceable if you are using a renowned VPN service also. There are privacy hackers swarming on the dark web and they can easily track you if you are using Microsoft Windows, Unrooted Android or iOS. The most important point here to remember is not to download anything from any website you find on the dark web. You may also end up behind bars if you try to buy illegal arms, involve in illegal hijacking activities, child-porn, etc.

There are also websites in dark web showing horrific images of dead bodies, torturing of human bodies and living people. These images can create horror in your mind leaving you unstable for weeks or months. In short, the dark web is an example of what extent people could go bad, low or deteriorate themselves. So, this is something which neither you should explore nor should you recommend this to someone.