Know How to Improve Internet Speeds

Improve WiFi Speed - Asianet Broadband

For those who have been using the internet for some time, the importance of internet speeds is of primary concern when choosing an internet service provider. Aside from this factor, you can take some other precautions on your own to ensure you are availing of the best internet speeds possible. With most homes having multiple internet users, the importance of WiFi cannot be overemphasized.

Here are some ways to powering up your WiFi output:

Latest technology

Using the latest type of hardware is the best way to ensure a speedy network, especially if you are into streaming HD videos. Using a mesh network router allows you to place smaller routers throughout your home to create a strong signal everywhere within your home. One router acts as the base station while the remaining behave as signal repeaters.

Reboot your router

Since modems are set up to detect interference from nearby networks, they tend to pick up interference along the way, slowing down speeds. Rebooting the system could result in its picking up a less congested signal highway which would improve services. Simply unplug the system, wait for a minute and then plug in again.


If others are using the same network to download large files or streaming media, it might bring down your speed. Consider turning off these bandwidth-hogging devices to improve your speed.

Router location

For the best network coverage, consider changing the location of your wireless router to an open central space without any walls or obstructions. The router needs to be kept properly ventilated and free of dust too. To keep things looking neat, some people even keep their routers hidden inside closed cabinets – this is a guaranteed way of delivering weak signals of low speeds. Consider wall mounting it if nothing else works.

Conflicting signals

These days many household devices can also interfere with internet signals. Cordless phones, microwaves, automated switches or cordless cameras can all produce conflicting signals for your WiFi router. Other items that interfere with WiFi signals include mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, fans, fluorescent lamps, wireless speakers, wireless surveillance systems, motion sensors, wireless baby monitors, televisions, photocopy machines and even garage door openers. These all result in weakening of signals of your internet connection along with inherent speeds.

Try unplugging or removing batteries from these devices when not in use to reduce the interference with router signals which result in inconsistent speeds. You could also work on keeping these items further away from the router.

Hopefully, these tweaks will help in making your WiFi faster and more reliable than before.