Knowing the Indicator Lights on Your Modem

modem lights meaning

Ever wondered what those lights meant on your modem? Each light on your modem represents a different function and knowing each function can serve you well when you are experiencing problems with your modem. While the same lights appear in all modems, their sequencing may vary among different modem manufacturers. When trying to diagnose a problem with your internet connectivity, allow the modem to finish rebooting first and wait for the modem lights to stop flickering and become stable. Here is a look at the function of these lights:

‘Power’ light – This light tells you if power connectivity is available. If this light doesn’t come on, then check whether the connection at the back of the modem is firmly fixed and its other end is secured to a power source.

‘Online’ or ‘Internet’ connection light – This important light tells you whether an internet connection is available or not. If the light doesn’t come on, then first check if the cable is firmly connected. If it still doesn’t come on, then your problem could be the network or modem itself. Time to call your service provider.

‘PC Activity’ light – You will see this light flickering and flashing as devices on your network are actively sending or receiving data through the modem. If the light is flashing regularly, then traffic is passing uninterrupted through your modem.

‘Receive’ light – If this light is stable and on, then your modem is firmly connected to the network and able to receive data. If the light is off, then it is the reason behind non-availability of data passing through your modem.

‘Send’ light – When this light is stable and on, it means your modem is able to transmit data back to the network through the modem. If the light is off, do check if the Ethernet cable connecting your device or router to the modem is firmly in place.

‘Standby’ light – As the name suggests, this light denotes that the modem is on standby modem. Internet connectivity light will remain on, but the send and receive lights will be off. You have to simply push the standby button on the back of your modem to activate or deactivate this feature.