Leased Line Connection Vs Broadband Connection

Internet Connection

Both leased line connection and broadband offers internet access at a fixed subscription charge. The major differences between a leased line connection (ILL) and Broadband connection are (1) A leased line connection is a dedicated connection between your residence and local exchange. The bandwidth for a leased line connection will be fixed with identical speed for uploads and downloads and doesn’t fluctuate in contention with other users (2) Broadband connection is not a dedicated connection between your residence and local exchange. The bandwidth is variable with faster speed for downloads than for uploads and subject to fluctuation in contention with other users.

A leased line connection (ILL) is supported with comprehensive SLA parameters covering all the parameters so that you can ensure that your connectivity is intact. Internet leased line connection is considered to be the best option for business due to its higher speeds, reliability, bandwidth flexibility etc. With the world staying connected at every second and business depending on high speed and a secure internet connection, investing in an Internet leased line connection will definitely make your business more efficient, productive and faster. The charges are higher for ILL when compared to Broadband but there are justified reasons for the higher price tag.

On the other hand, when you get a broadband connection, the Internet is provided from the local cabinet through a copper wire connection. At the same time, you can find many such cables from the same cabinet to the nearby premises in your location. The difference here is how the cable is split between all other premises getting Internet. So, with broadband, since you are sharing the cable with someone else, you are really fighting for Internet speed which will again depend on how many users are accessing broadband at the same point of time.

Above all, ILL or Broadband, it depends on your requirement. If you are looking for adequate, affordable Internet access or local connectivity to another office location, broadband is the best choice. Broadband also comes with a wide transmission path that can be split into different channels. This is quite similar to a cable channel connection wherein many channels are coming through in one cable. This is known as frequency division multiplexing. While both ILL and Broadband have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, it ultimately depends on your need. Broadband is also not often available in all the areas of the country whereas Leased lines can connect you to just anywhere in the world. Fundamentally, the major difference between Broadband and Leased line is that leased line offers high volume transmission of data at a greater speed even during peak intervals whereas, in Broadband, the Internet speed will diminish during peak time.