The Role of VPN in Protecting Against Cyber Threats and Hacking

With increasing incidences of hacking, data theft and cyberthreats, the best way to keep your online activity safe is by opting to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN basically provides an encrypted server that helps in hiding your IP address from government agencies, would-be-snoopers and hackers.

There is the added advantage that even when using a public Wi-Fi or shared Wi-Fi, such as that available in parks, cafes, hotels or airports, your online activity will always be kept private from prying eyes or hacking attempts when using a VPN. Since public networks are often unsecured, their users are more vulnerable to hackers on the lookout for sensitive data.

A VPN achieves this by creating a secure, encrypted online connection between the internet and your device. Your data traffic becomes encrypted and gets routed through an intermediary server, making you anonymous online. This basically means that when you connect to the internet through a VPN, your network traffic will remain hidden from anyone trying to intercept your data! This includes your internet service provider (ISP) too – and your ISP is probably the only one with access to knowledge of all that you do online.

Overall, a VPN is a crucial protection tool for cyberthreats and hackers and essential for those who value their online privacy and security. Here’s why you could need a VPN too:

Masks IP address

By using a virtual private network, you can mask your IP address, thereby making your online activity or location anonymous for anyone trying to track you.


VPN works by encrypting the data travelling between the internet and your device. Hackers are unable to access your data this way.

Protection from malware

Many VPNs include basic protection from malicious sites and files as well as dedicated antivirus tools. Aside from this, certain antivirus companies also offer VPNs.

Restricted Content

With a VPN, you can access content that is restricted or censored in some geographical regions.

Adaptable across Multiple Devices

Some VPN providers offer packages that help keep your browsing safe across multiple smart devices.
When choosing a VPN, go with a reputable provider known for effective protection. Ensure you are using the VPN properly for maximum benefits.