Tips to Speed up the Wi-Fi at Home

Ways to Make Your Wi-fi Faster

As the lockdown forces us to stay indoors and work, learn and entertain ourselves, figuring out how to make the internet faster has become a necessity.

Well, there is good news! Asianet Broadband now offers more internet speeds and plans well suited to cover all your internet requirements. With the fibre connectivity getting extended to more areas, bringing the internet to the front door is less of a bottleneck. Now, eliminating subpar speeds and Wi-Fi dead zones around the house is largely up to you. To help, we’ve put together some suggestions on ways you can troubleshoot and hopefully improve, the quality of the Wi-Fi inside and around your home.

1) Focus on your router

Walls, cupboards, and bookshelves can potentially dampen your Wi-Fi signal. Moving the router to a place that is free of clutter can make a real difference to the speeds you get and how far its wireless transmissions can reach. The perfect spot will depend on your home, but what you can do is try not to hide your router in a corner -the more central and prominent it is, the better. Remember to keep it away from other devices that use electromagnetic waves like wireless keyboards, and even microwaves.

2) Use an Ethernet Cable

It is always better to opt for a wired connection to your router over the wireless one. It’s faster and more stable, and can’t be affected by other devices or surroundings.

3) Password Your Wi-Fi

You definitely do not want your neighbour Netflixing off your bandwidth, do you? However, that is not the only reason why you need a password on your Wi-Fi. It’s good for keeping hackers away. Use an encryption method suggested by the ISP, which is both the most secure and most speed-friendly security option.

4) What about Unused Devices?

Always remember, when the speeds reduce or dip, reduce the number of devices on your network. Having dozens of things tapping into the Wi-Fi at once can be problematic. Make sure only the devices that need the internet get internet.

5) Check Your PC

This tip is specific to computers: If the internet on your PC or laptop is perpetually slow, see what programs are running in the background. If they’re always updating in the background, that could be the cause of your slow internet. Check it out and adjust the settings.

6) Call Asianet Broadband

If you’ve tried it all, and still have problems, you can always reach out to your internet provider and see if they have any suggestions. We have the expertise to pinpoint an overlooked issue that is getting in the way of you and fast Wi-Fi. Give us a call.