What is a Wi-Fi Extender? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

wi-fi range extender

With the internet having taken over almost every aspect of people’s lives, its essential to have access to broadband at all times. The unprecedented pandemic has led to isolation at home and even more dependence on internet for work, study, shopping, banking, socializing and entertainment.

Since there are multiple internet users at any given time at home, using a Wi-Fi router to convert your wired broadband connection is a norm. This way, you can access internet signals anywhere in the house. However, the signal range of Wi-Fi is fairly limited and there will be some areas where the signal gets weaker and speeds slower.

How does it work?

This is where the Wi-Fi extenders (also known as Wi-Fi boosters) come in. Put simply, these extenders work by expanding your internet signal range into hard-to-reach areas. The Wi-Fi Extender is linked to the Wi-Fi router and expands the signal into areas that the router can’t reach due to physical disruptions like walls, large spaces, furniture, ceilings, etc. It hooks onto router signals and rebroadcasts them even further on a different channel. The Wi-Fi Extender basically works like a middleman between the Wi-Fi router and your device by creating a fast and stable wireless signal connection. Here are some reasons when you can consider using a Wi-Fi extender:

Multiple users – If you feel that the signals are lagging and loading time is increasing when more users are online, then you should consider getting Wi-Fi Extenders. However, make sure you get the latest versions with dual-band technology as they work better in providing longer distance signals. You could also consider going for a better broadband plan.

Poor connectivity across floors – While your Wi-Fi router may be located centrally and works perfectly for the ground floor, chances are the upper floor might have poor internet signals. A Wi-Fi booster plugged directly above the Wi-Fi router upstairs would receive stronger signals and make them available for devices on the second floor.

Outdoor Wi-Fi signals – Place your router in a location with the least barricades or obstructions. If you still cant get stable signals in your back porch, then Wi-Fi extenders might just be the right answer for you!