What Is Causing Internet Connection to Underperform?

What Is Causing Internet Connection to Underperform - Asianet Broadband

Internet speed can be adversely affected due to multiple reasons like router configuration errors, wireless interference or other technical problems. In such scenarios, you can try to diagnose and fix the causes of slow internet speed of your own before reaching to your service provider.

Firstly, router settings, if it is configured incorrectly, can impact the internet speed. So, ensure that the settings remain consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions and as per your service provider’s recommendations. Secondly, signal interference can also result in poor internet performance. For example, household appliances and nearby wireless networks can impact your internet speed. Here, you need to ensure that the router is in the correct position and your device is kept as close to the router as possible. Another important point to note is that your device is not infected by any malicious software program which in turn will generate traffic spontaneously without your knowledge. In addition to this, some software applications may be running in the background that consumes network resources and slowing down the internet speed. So, when you come across a slow network, check for such programs that are running in the background. It is also important to ensure that your router, modem, and cables are functioning properly. Certain slight technical glitches in the network equipment affect internet speed at times even though it may get connected. Some anti-virus programs with built-in security can also interfere with an internet connection. Check the security configuration and enable/disable the setting accordingly to find out if a particular setting is causing an unstable connection. Finally, run an internet speed test occasionally to check the quality of your internet connection. If the internet test speed is decent but still if your computer is slow, the problem may be related to your computer. On the other hand, if your internet test result is way below the expected speed, then you need to address this issue with your service provider. In certain scenarios, ISP may change the network configuration that unintentionally causes your internet speed to slow down. In some other cases, ISPs may deliberately install filters on the network that impacts your network performance.

Above mentioned are the basic or possible reasons that affect your internet speed even though it is not a complete list. Along with this, make sure that you are using the best wireless equipment to get the most out of the signal.