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How To Choose A Wireless Router?

Methods to Choose a WiFi Router

It is highly essential to choose a proper router because of its significant role in a digitally connected home. Often, most internet service providers supply a wireless router with a cable attached to it or a DSL modem. Sometimes, the router provided by the ISP will satisfy your requirements. On the other hand, in some cases, the router may get outdated over a period of time and hence you may need to upgrade it. However, you can probably do research and decide on the type and model of a WiFi router that suits your needs.

What Is Causing Internet Connection to Underperform?

What Is Causing Internet Connection to Underperform - Asianet Broadband

Internet speed can be adversely affected due to multiple reasons like router configuration errors, wireless interference or other technical problems. In such scenarios, you can try to diagnose and fix the causes of slow internet speed of your own before reaching to your service provider.

Reasons You Should Switch Over to A Fiber-optic Network

Reasons You Should Switch Over to A Fiber-optic Network - Asianet Broadband

In Fiber-optic internet, data is transferred through fiber-optic cables. Here, ‘Fiber’ refers to thin glass wires found inside the large protective cable and ‘Optic’ refers to the way and type of data transfer, i.e. through light signals. Fiber-optic cables are considered to be more fast, reliable and durable than many of the other internet connections available today and can offer you continuous, high-speed connectivity that is inevitable for today’s business operations.

How to Improve WiFi Speed?

How to improve WiFi Speed - Asianet Broadband

Slow WiFi speeds are often a hassle and result in a situation where the patience of a person is being tested. There are many possible reasons for this like the problem with your modem or router, poor WiFi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices connected to your network soaking up your bandwidth or even a slow DNS server and so on. The first thing you have done here is to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider. If they are not able to help you, there are certain things that you can do to resolve your terrible WiFi speed.

How Does The Internet Bring People Together?

How Does The Internet Bring People Together - Asianet Broadband

Primarily, the internet brings people together when one person introduces another to the internet, sharing the joy of access to an instant way of communication.

What Is Internet Throttling? How Can You Avoid It?

Internet Throttling- Asianet Broadband

Internet throttling or bandwidth throttling (traffic-shaping) refers to intentionally regulating the speed of Internet services by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISPs do this by limiting the internet speeds at specific intervals during a day or for certain websites, services, and data category types. Mostly, throttling affects activities that consume higher bandwidth like gaming, video streaming, and file sharing. The major reason why ISPs throttle bandwidth is to save money. In other words, by limiting speeds for certain users or websites, ISPs can cut or reduce data usage on their entire network. This, in turn, allows them to serve more customers without increasing the bandwidth of the network.

Business Benefits of High-speed Internet Connection

High-Speed Internet Connection - Asianet Broadband

Internet is now a vital part of almost every business. It is essential to have good internet speed for your business to run smoothly. Very often, small businesses with a view to keep operating costs on the lower side to increase profit margins choose the cheapest possible Internet Service, Provider. On the contrary, they fail to realize the fact that sacrificing internet speed is not going to improve productivity and other benefits that are associated with high-speed internet. Investing in faster internet service is the right choice for businesses of any size irrespective of the number of employees. A business’s internet can be attached to a lot of things within the business, it is not only for their online platform. In their store, they may run on an automatic payment system for things like cannabis payments, for example, so they will need to make sure that their hookup is strong and can handle what is going on. The major benefits of faster internet are:

Best Broadband Connection in Kerala

Best Broadband Connection - Asianet Broadband

The internet started off as a research-based endeavor in the late 1960s under the name of Arpanet and connected a handful of computer scientists. By 1984, it had been renamed the Internet linking about a 1000 hosts and by the late 1990s, it became a commercial venture and evolved into something much larger and today it has become a global phenomenon.

There are more than 2 billion consumers across the network now and this number is only increasing with improved technologies. Internet technology has been incorporated into almost every aspect of the modern way of life. It’s no longer just a means of communication, but also serves as a gigantic source of information, education, banking, file sharing, free calling, watching live shows and downloading movies. It is increasingly being used for remote working, e-shopping and paying bills as well.

It’s no wonder then that everyone wants a reliable internet broadband connection. Kerala is uniquely placed as Asianet Broadband Internet Service Provider has a diverse network throughout the state with almost every city, town and village already wired up. Since its inception in 1993, it has become a household name today offering the best broadband connection in Kerala. This internet provider uses the state-of-art DOCSIS and GPON technologies which are used by other global leaders in the internet space as well.

It is the best ISP for those looking for reliable unlimited broadband plans in Kerala. Aside from wired broadband connections, Asianet Broadband also offers newer technologies like the wireless broadband plans with the Fibre Internet Wave which comes with a free Modem. It offers the most consistent broadband connection with speeds of 200Mbps and plans of up to 1000GB for 5 months. Internet surfing, downloading and uploading files is a breeze with this fibre net broadband connection, the internet started off as a research-based endeavor in the late 1960s under the name of Arpanet and connected a handful of computer scientists. By 1984, it had been renamed the Internet linking about a 1000 hosts and by the late 1990s, it became a commercial venture and evolved into something much larger.

What is the Upload Speed for Streaming?

Broadband Upload Speed

When we talk about the Internet, it is important to distinguish the two types of internet speeds, upload speed and download speed. In uploads, you send data from your local device to the internet. Few examples of uploads are sending an email, posting an image on Facebook and live broadcasting.

Do Multiple Devices Affect Internet Speed?

Internet Speed Problems

Theoretically, multiple devices connected to Wi-Fi doesn’t slow down the internet speed. But in practice, more the number of devices are connected to the internet, the bandwidth is being shared thus affecting the speed. Here, if you are closer to the access point, then obviously your bandwidth should be higher than someone who is far away.