Benefits of Broadband and Fiber Optic Internet

fiber optic broadband connection

The advent of fiber optics technology has revolutionized the way internet is being used, both in the office and at home. And with more and more people working, studying, and socializing online from home during the current pandemic, the need for a consistently stable, high-speed internet connection cannot be over-emphasized.

Fiber optic internet is the answer to the growing demand for reliable broadband service. It employs hair-thin glass or plastic fibers that transmit data in the form of light pulses. Here’s a quick look at some benefits of fiber optic internet technology when compared to other broadband services:


By opting for fiber optic internet, you are assured of a wider bandwidth potential. DSL or copper cable infrastructure tends to come with limited bandwidth that is affected by distance.


With greater dependence on the internet as more people are utilizing it for their everyday needs, downloading and uploading speeds become a prime concern. Fiber optic internet is the king as far as speeds go and are faster than the fastest cable connections.


Signals from fiber optic internet are stronger and maintain consistency over longer distances. With cable internet services, the copper wires can heat up and lead to loss of signal strength. Large businesses and apartment complexes can benefit more from fiber optic internet technology.


Fiber optic technology offers you the most reliable internet service. This is because they are uniquely more resistant to radio-frequency and electromagnetic interference, impedance, cross-talk, temperature changes or water damage.


Since fiber optic cables don’t radiate signals, they provide better protection from hackers and cyber attacks. Security breaches can lead to huge financial losses, hence fiber optic networks are touted as more secure.


With fiber optic internet you can be assured of lower data processing delays. This includes faster download/upload times of large files, faster cloud access, better voice/video quality, etc.


Scientists and medical professionals have raised concerns about the potential for cancer by the newer lightning-fast 5G internet technology. With fiber optic signals being enclosed in cables, there is no such health concern.


And finally, the cost of fiber cables has decreased significantly and is your best choice when choosing a broadband connection.