How to Reset your Router?

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Terminologies can sometimes get tricky with phrases such as ‘Reboot’, ‘Restart’ and ‘Reset’ getting mixed up easily when it comes to routers. It should be noted however that Reboot and Restart easily mean the same thing and involve your switching off the device and switching back on again within a minute.

But when it comes to Reset of the router, it’s something entirely different. It’s only done in extreme situations where you have forgotten the administrator password or the network wireless security key. It’s also done for troubleshooting connectivity issues. Depending on the issue, router resetting can be accomplished via three recommended routes. Here’s a look at them:

Hard Resets

This drastic method of resetting puts your router back to factory default settings and results in the elimination of all customizations. You will lose any stored usernames, passwords or settings. A hard reset is only done when you want to start afresh with completely new settings.

When performing the hard reset, shut down your computer, then disconnect the router from the modem. While the router is connected to the power source, press down on the reset button for 30 seconds. Then release the button and wait for a further 30 seconds as the router resets and powers back on again. The reset button is usually on the base or side of the router and can be accessed via a pin or paperclip.

Soft Reset

An easy way to troubleshoot internet connectivity issues is by resetting connectivity between modem and router. For a soft reset, press the Disconnect/Connect button and reset the connection between the service provider and modem. Or you could press on the Reset Factory Defaults button and completely cancel the router’s customized settings including all passwords and keys. Some routers may have a Reset Security button instead for reverting passwords and going back to default settings.

Power Cycle

Glitches such as corruption of router’s memory or overheating issues can be sorted out by simply shutting Off and then on again after a few seconds. The router will take some time while restarting. Passwords and keys don’t get changed through the power cycling method.

And if your router is still giving trouble, maybe it’s time for a replacement!