How to Stay Protected from Cyber Crimes?

cyber crime precautions

With most businesses have gone online and the world shifting to a new internet-driven world, there is greater ease of living now. One doesn’t need to step out of their comfort zone to get things done anymore as most services and transactions are available at the click of a mouse.

A downside to an internet-enabled life is that your device might become a target for cybercriminals. Both large and small businesses and offices have been known to fall prey to them. However, there are some ways to improve cyber-hygiene and consumer privacy to keep your digital systems safe; here’s a look at them:

Unique Passwords

Although remembering strong passwords isn’t easy, it’s your first order of defense against cybercriminals. Consider making complicated passwords that have at least 14 characters to deter hackers. Include symbols, numbers and punctuation marks to improve their complexity. Appliances like the Wi-Fi, routers or home security devices that come with factory settings should all be changed before installation.

Multi-factor Authentication

To log in to certain websites, users might be required to provide another code sent as an SMS or on email. This multi-factor authentication is designed to deter hackers from getting into your account and many websites use them. Bank and credit card sites use this crucial log-in feature to prevent breaches.

Stay Updated

As major computer companies provide regular updates to help their consumers stay protected against emerging vulnerabilities, you are advised to keep your device’s operating systems updated at all times. All you need do is go to your settings and turn on automatic updates. Any antivirus software installed should also be kept updated.


Where possible, encrypt your computer or smartphone’s stored data so that even if a hacker gets into your system, all he will get is gibberish. You could also back up other information and photos by duplicating them on an external hard drive or in cloud storage.

Public Wi-Fi

While it’s always tempting to access free Wi-Fi, it’s not 100% secure. Hackers can easily see what you are sending and receiving over the internet. Consider using a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic and anything that goes through your browser to make it difficult for any hacker spying on you.