How to Use the Internet to Consult Your Doctor?

telemedicine consultation

The internet has redefined the way doctors and patients interact. With lengthy paper files giving way to electronic medical records, doctor visits are no longer about wasting half the day hanging around in the hospital. The internet has empowered the patient such that a doctor’s consultation can now be done online, at a time convenient to both the patient and doctor.

The recent pandemic restrictions further emphasized this role of the internet when consulting the doctor online became preferable to visiting the hospital for a face-to-face visit. Known as telemedicine, online doctor consultations have been gaining popularity in recent years. For those who are new to this rapidly growing field, here is some more information to help you understand its workings:


Telemedicine was propagated initially to help patients in remote areas and elderly people who weren’t mobile and unable to visit their doctor to be able to access their doctors. While consultation was conducted over the phone in its heydays, the advent of the internet and its advanced technologies have led to the mutation of telemedicine into online consultations. Currently, most multi-specialty hospitals offer online as well as offline consultations. The pandemic further refined the online consultation process, making it the most convenient way forward for many.


All you need do is visit the health website of your choice, select a medical specialty, select a doctor and then book an online appointment. This not only saves you on precious time, but also on healthcare expenses and emergency visits for certain conditions. Online doctors won’t prescribe unnecessary diagnostic tests or scans either.

Quality Care

It’s easier for online doctors to follow-up with their patients as they are more likely to adhere to appointments when it’s online. With advancing technologies, patients can also be easily monitored using remote monitoring systems or video chats.

Access to Specialists

The best part of internet–assisted consultations is that it’s easier to access specialists online – something which isn’t possible in a hospital. This is because the hospital system involves patient referrals before a specialist will see the patient directly. Through online consultations, you can easily seek second opinions on your condition too.

Online consultations are a great boon of internet technology.