How to Improve Bandwidth Speeds

bandwidth speed

Everyone has been through that stage when the internet connection seems excruciatingly slow and webpages take so long to load and videos take forever to buffer. Chances are that you need to improve your bandwidth speed. Here’s a look at some easy steps to getting your speeds back to peak levels again:

Low Bandwidth

This refers to the maximum data (Mbps) transfer rates of your internet connection. While bandwidths of 25 Mbps are good, households with 3-5 users should ideally get bandwidths of around 200-300 Mbps. Anything less would result in lag and a slowdown of bandwidth speeds. Upgrade to a plan with more bandwidth.


Keep your antivirus and antimalware software up-to-date across all your devices. This could be responsible for a slow-down in processing of the data it receives.

Cleanup Device

Similarly, your device itself could be responsible for a slowdown in speeds too. You can’t enjoy fast internet if your device can’t process it in time. Try clearing up the storage of your device, including the cache, to create more space. You could also try changing to a different browser or shutting down data hogging apps. If a clean-up of your old device still doesn’t help, maybe it’s time to invest in a newer device.

Limit devices

If your home has numerous internet-connected devices, chances are there are too many Wi-Fi signals crisscrossing the same space at a given time. Try switching off the devices not in current use to improve your network’s speed.


Reboot your router regularly and keep its firmware updated. To enhance bandwidth speeds, place the router in a central location away from obstructions and walls, as these can affect the quality of signal and a slowdown in connectivity. If your router is old and all this doesn’t help, then think of replacing the router.

Ad blocker

And sometimes, it’s just the numerus video ads served with numerous websites that are the real culprit. They not only bug your sanity, but also your bandwidth and clutter up your internet connection. Use an ad blocker and get rid of all the banner ads and pop-ups that slow down your speeds.

And when nothing else works, you can contact your internet service provider for further solutions!