Internet Habits that Waste Time Online During Work

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The online world is an amazing space that can keep you glued to it for hours on end. Having said that, it can also become a major source of distraction when you are ‘at work’. Here’s a look at some internet habits that waste work time, and tips on overcoming them:

An Internet Timetable

Just like you have a scheduled timetable for your gym visits or coffee breaks, create a specific timetable for surfing the internet too. Don’t waste important work time by going online whenever the temptation hits. Whatever got published online while you are at work will still be there till your scheduled internet break time; maintain discipline and visit your favourite sites only during the scheduled time.

Log Out from Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay connected with all that’s happening in your world. It can also get very distractive when you are trying to get important work done. The best way to get your work done on time is by logging out of all your social media accounts and cutting away temptation. Alternatively, you could block those sites during working hours.

App it

If you find that you are unable to stay away from social media websites or surfing the internet while you are supposed to be working, there is online help available. There are many apps available online that help limit your time spent online. Apps like ‘Concentrate’, ‘Checky’ and ‘Facebook Nanny’ track your online habits and help you control them.

‘Repeat Test’

This tool helps keep track of your daily activities and habits. You will need to create a table representing each hour and fill in details of what you did during this time. You also need to fill in how you felt after each activity. Go over the chart at the end of the day and check which habits were useful and which ones need to go.

Take a Break

To improve productivity and prevent boredom, a 5-minutes break is required every 90 minutes. This could be the best time to scour through your favourite sites and get your mind refreshed. Staying productive is all about asserting your willpower and remaining focused.