The Advantages of Broadband over Mobile Hotspot

benefits of broadband - asianet broadband

The internet has taken over the day-to-day functioning of people on a global scale. The pandemic has further emphasized the internet’s importance with almost every aspect of life having gone online – including business, commerce, education, entertainment and even socializing.

An increasing dependence on smart phones has also meant another use of the internet. For those having low-data consumption, a mobile hotspot over a 4G network is sufficient to fulfill their other household needs too, but this is rarely the case. A better option is to go with wired broadband technology, more specifically the fiber optic broadband connection. With its super-fast data transfer speeds and minimum lag periods, fiber optic cable connections are a much better option than mobile data hotspot usage.

Here is a look at some important advantages of fixed broadband technology over mobile hotspots:

  1. Broadband allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, without bringing down the downloading and uploading speeds. And of course there is no question of your phone battery draining out frequently as is the case when using mobile hotspot.
  2. Another factor is of convenience. You won’t need to search around the house for best connectivity speeds as is the case with mobile hotspot. With a wired broadband connection, you can access high-speed internet anywhere in the house.
  3. Since broadband connections offer higher speeds of downloading, the movie you could spend 30 minutes downloading over the hotspot, would take just around 3-4 minutes over a high-speed broadband connection using the fiber optic technology.
  4. For those into live streaming videos or playing online video games, a broadband connection offers the advantage of constant download speeds and excellent connectivity. You can stream high definition and 4K resolutions in a seamless manner. The same can’t be said about mobile hotspots as they don’t support high quality streaming.
  5.  It is better to use fiber optic broadband as it’s more reliable and doesn’t get affected by external conditions. It doesn’t go off suddenly, but provides consistently stable speeds. Broadband connections are best for gamers too as there is no buffering or latency involved. Comparatively, mobile hotspot can suffer lowered speeds and diminished resolution with bandwidth congestion.