Ways to Get Wi-Fi in Every Room of Your House

wifi home

So, you have bought a new Wi-Fi connection. However, you are not able to enjoy binge watching Netflix binge or Spotify streaming from every place of your home? Here are some tips that will help you.

Check Your Wired Internet Connection

Before you blame the Wi-Fi, run a speed test to see your internet speed. If the speeds are lower than promised, call up your ISP and find a solution. However, if your speed test matches the promised limits, the problem might be with the modem or the router.

Update your router firmware

Does your firmware require an update? Perform a check, update if necessary, see if the speeds improve. If no, you can consider step 3

Optimal Router Placement

Sometimes, Wi-Fi signals are not distributed equally. This is where the question of where you place the router makes all the difference. Find an appropriate place and fix it in such a way that you get a hassle-free signal distribution.

Update Obsolete Hardware

It is important to stay up to date when it comes to technology. Upgrade and update regularly.

What makes Asianet Broadband stand out

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