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What are 2G, 3G and 4G Networks?

What are 2G, 3G and 4G Networks? - Asianet Broadband

The wireless option for internet data has been adopted far and wide in India with companies offering 2G, 3G and 4G speeds to their subscribers. Over 75% of Indian internet users are believed to access data over mobile devices, with the craze for hand-held internet devices increasing by leaps and bounds. However, most of them have issues with the internet speeds being offered under the guise of 3G or 4G.

Which is the most Reliable and Consistent Connection Source of Internet?

Internet Connection

Having a consistently reliable source of internet is becoming increasingly important with most people spending a lot of time online. In their quest for a reliable source of internet, many users keep hopping from one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another without really knowing what the basic problem is. Hooking up with the right ISP makes a big difference in your levels of happiness or frustration as you don’t have to spend long hours waiting for data transfers.

What are the Different Kinds of Internet Connections?

Different Kinds Of Internet Connections

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and so is the internet speed to complement it. An increasing number of devices are now connecting to the internet and faster internet speeds is the need of the hour. Different ways of accessing the internet have also been evolving over the years, however as with all things, there are some pros and cons related to these different kinds of internet connections. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different ways of accessing the internet today:

How and when did Internet come into Existence?

when did Internet come into Existence

The advent of the internet revolutionized the world of computers and communications incomparably. Today, it is represented as one of the most successful products of sustained investment and commitment towards research and development in information structure. The internet has the ability for world-wide broadcasting, a mechanism to disseminate information as well as serve as a medium for collaboration between computers, irrespective of their geographical location.

Wired Connections and Optical Fiber Connections

Wired Connections and Optical Fiber Connections

With technology gaining the upper-hand in almost all aspects of our lives, it is becoming increasingly important to know more about the different ways you can access the internet, a feature in our life that is increasingly keeping us connected to our work, family, social life, communication, news, education, entertainment, business, important information, etc.

Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband – are they the same?

Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband are they the same

For some time now, the words Wi-Fi and wireless broadband have been used to mean the same thing, which is grossly wrong. With the world evolving so fast in internet technologies, it’s only right that the correct nomenclature is used to prevent any confusion in the future.

Why are we Popular in the Broadband Business?

Positive Impact of Internet - Asianet Broadband

Asianet Broadband is the pioneering home-grown internet service provider that has been around in Kerala since 1993. Along with the internet broadband services, Asianet Communications also offers Asianet cable TV services, both of which are delivered through coaxial cables to your homes and offices. Majority of people who opt for Asianet broadband services also use Asianet cable TV for home entertainment as there are more freebies that are available when both services are availed from the same provider.

Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Humans?

Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Humans

Let’s face it; humans are very insecure creatures, with death being the glaring root cause of most of their fears. And when it comes to looking for potential causes for deaths or ill-health, there is no dearth in possible culprits. Wi-Fi is no less a raging topic when it comes to its effects on human beings.

When should you take up a Prepaid Broadband Connection?

When should you take up a Prepaid Broadband Connection

There is no denying the fact that broadband internet has taken over our lives irrevocably. We depend on it for everything from checking out a new recipe for paying your bills online or staying in touch with friends and family. Just like the phone had become an indispensable part of our lives earlier, it’s the broadband that’s the latest technology to grab the headlines. Numerous programs and apps are being designed around the availability of broadband internet that is drawing us more and more deeply into a webbed world (pun intended!), which we can control from just sitting in front of our computers at home.

Why is Broadband the Best for Heavy Internet Users?

Why is Broadband the Best for Heavy Internet Users

Who would have thought a century ago that life would be so ruled by the internet that we would need it for everything ranging from kids’ homework to making free calls, office work and even watching movies and engaging in sports activities like tennis, boxing and cycling (with Nintendo Wii gaming).