Can Broadband Be Hacked?

broadband hack

Security of your broadband network will always be an area of concern, with the router being a popular target. And that’s one good reason not to use routers that are popular on online sites as they are more often hacked. When you are experiencing internet problems, it could be due to issues arising from your service provider’s side, due to bad weather or maybe because of faulty equipment. Then there is the ominous possibility that your broadband has been hacked too. Not to worry too much as there are ways you can figure out if your network has been hacked, and ways to fix it.

Signs Your Broadband Has Been Hacked

Using Domain Name Server (DNS) hijacking, hackers can get into your home network and cause a lot of harm ranging from stealing your bank card details to collecting important passwords – without your even knowing it.

While some signs of a router attack are non-specific, there are other giveaway signs such as the inability to log into your router. You will need to reset your router immediately and create a new password. Another tell-tale sign of your router being controlled by someone else is when all internet browsers on the router take you to a malicious DNS server or when you see strange software on your device. You could also receive ransomware messages or see unknown devices on your network. Kick them out and reset your router with a stronger password.

Ghostly Operation of Your Device

If a hacker has gained access to your device, he can operate your online banking account even in your presence! Or open your files remotely while you are online. Unplug your devices, reset your router and change passwords immediately.

Your Network Speeds Have Dropped

While speeds can drop due to multiple reasons, it can also be because your broadband has been hacked and the hacker is generally piggybacking on your internet data. However, if you have observed any of the above-mentioned signs also, then chances are your full bandwidth has been seized by a hacker with the sole purpose of criminal activity.

If normal internet speeds don’t get restored by generally checking connectivity, then you will need to reset your router and change to a better password.