Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Humans?


Let’s face it; humans are very insecure creatures, with death being the glaring root cause of most of their fears. And when it comes to looking for potential causes for deaths or ill-health, there is no dearth in possible culprits. Wi-Fi is no less a raging topic when it comes to its effects on human beings.

You will find numerous articles stating so-called ‘facts and figures’ on a plethora of side-effects ranging from infertility, insomnia to hyperactivity and cancer. There are laughable posts on social networking websites propagating this fear and presenting Wi-Fi as a silent marauder lurking in the shadows waiting to strike with its mind-boggling cancer-producing abilities!

The basic psychology behind this propaganda is that humans like to be in control of all that surrounds them, but death forestalls them. By propagating possible reasons that could lead to death, humans feel as if they have conquered part of the ‘unknown’ harbinger of death, and hence feel better about their immortality, or rather lack of!

As an example, you can look at the incidence of mobile phone usage over the past twenty years. Over four billion people use these Wi-Fi enabled phones, yet the incidence of brain tumors have remained unchanged! Although the World Health Organization recognizes the public’s concern over radiation posing health hazards, numerous studies have been conducted and all seem to show the same result that electromagnetic radiations between 0-300GHz do not pose any negative health hazards. In fact there are a set of safety standards put in place for all devices that emit electromagnetic radiation; these limits ensure that the exposure that you get from your Wi-Fi enabled devices is way, way below the safety limits.

Being on the judicious side, the British Health Agency has stated that even though there is no consistent evidence to indicate that Wi-Fi affect health adversely, to be on the precautionary side, the matter should be kept under ongoing review…

However, not to get carried away, let’s talk about radiation; though the word itself is scary and brings back memories of the Cold War era when people had backyard bomb shelters, radiation isn’t only about death and oceans and lands becoming inhabitable. It’s also about warm, golden sunshine which makes life possible on earth. It’s also the way we can tune into our wireless radios or change channels on TV.

Basically what it boils down to is ionizing and non-ionizing radiation of which ionizing is dangerous and includes the x-ray radiation, gamma radiation, UV radiation, etc, with the key element being the wavelength. However, there is no biologic mechanism by which non-ionizing radiation (read Wi-Fi) can cause harm.

Maybe it’s time the naysayers got wiser now and concentrated on real threats to life – like going for annual health check-ups and staying off the phone while driving!

How to Choose the Right Modem for your Broadband Plan


It has been documented that the advent of the broadband internet has resulted in increased turnovers in businesses, making transactions and communication much easier as well as faster. When you are choosing an internet connection, you also need to take the time out to choose a suitable modem that will match your broadband needs.

Without knowing it, you could even be losing significant speeds on your connection package due to an unsuitable modem. The actual internet speed of your broadband connection depends on the speed of the modem, the Wi-Fi connection, the switches as well as the broadband data plan itself. So then, what exactly is a suitable modem? Generally, wireless modems are connections of choice for offices where it’s easier to connect numerous devices this way. Since a modem can connect only a single device to the internet, you would need a Wi-Fi device, or a router to be able to connect to more than one appliance at any given time. A combination of a modem and a router is known as a gateway.

Many internet service providers offer a gateway, but then it does have its disadvantages too. Getting a separate modem and router allows more flexibility in case you want to upgrade your network at a later date. If you want to upgrade your broadband speed, you will only need to upgrade the modem or if you want your network to have a faster speed or more settings and features, all you will need would be to replace the router. At Asianet Broadband internet services, we understand your needs and provide the best model of modems in a separate format.

When choosing broadband plans for businesses, you will need to consider the number of people who will be logged on at the same time on the net as well as the activities they will be engaged in. Activities like uploading or downloading large files of high resolution images or videos are best with an FTU (fiber termination unit) modem. The FTU is the final part of the fiber that is located within the house or office. A modem is placed onto the FTU when the customer wishes to connect to the services of the provider network.

The modem is basically a signal converter as it translates the internet into a usable form by your devices. It also connects to your office network. The type of modem used affects the wireless range, the strength and speed of the signal as well as its security. When buying a modem, it’s better to buy one with the capacity to deal with higher speeds of broadband data plan, as your needs may increase over time. This would allow you to avoid paying for another upgraded modem at a later date.

Sometimes you might need an additional signal repeater if the floor size is too big or if there are thick walls or obstacles in between. And when it comes to comparing modems, it’s the technical specifications on it that make the difference. The main features to look for is the wireless capability of the model; most models will show digits like ‘802n 2.4GHz’ referring to the standard its using as well as the bandwidth.


Choosing a High-Speed Internet Plan for your Business



When it comes to choosing an internet service provider for your business, whether it’s small or medium-sized notwithstanding, you need to consider a number of factors first. The obvious variables that come to mind include cost, availability, reliability and speed. Aside from this, you should also have an idea of the number of people that will be using the internet at the same time, as this affects the actual speed of the service you will be getting at the end of the day.

With so much competition going on in the business sector, you need to keep up to your game and ensure that your business is up to speed…..just like your internet. Since internet technologies are getting more and more advanced, you need to get a proper understanding about the differences between them before taking a decision. DSL (digital subscriber line), cable, satellite and fiber-optics are some of the different ways of accessing the internet. The satellite connections obviously come with the disadvantage of being affected by local weather conditions, and during monsoon, this could turn disastrous. And the DSL connections work optimally only when located close to their central office. The fiber-optics option is a little heavy on the pocket on the other hand, thus making cable connections the most lucrative. At Asianet Broadband, we offer cable broadband internet connections that can be bundled with cable TV at more convenient tariffs aside from having one of the best and most reliable networks in Kerala.

When selecting a broadband plan, you will need to check the download as well as the uploading speeds. Most people focus on downloading speeds as they wouldn’t want their workers sitting twiddling their thumbs while waiting for data to download. Similarly, the uploading speeds are important because after hitting the send button, you want to know that it will reach the client or customer at the earliest because sometimes time means money, especially over the internet.

And if you are backing up large files on to the cloud or using some of the new cloud solutions, uploading speeds can become a really important factor. Video conferencing has now become a relatively affordable and easy way of communicating with company branches and clients, and you really wouldn’t want to be put through the embarrassment of having cuts and pauses during communication. So don’t just get carried away by download speeds, check the upload speeds too.
Another important factor is the reliability of the ISP. Do they have a 24×7 technical support system and is this service free? – As many ISPs charge for their technical support, or the customer service is very slow and unreliable.

Aside from this, some ISPs place a limitation on the amount of data you can upload or download and could charge you extra at higher rates if you go above the limits. Better option is to go for a fixed plan where you have regular billing without the fear of overage charges. For this, you will need to have a general idea of how much bandwidth you will need per month. And opting for the annual scheme is always better as it comes loaded with some freebies that include 2-3 months free usage.

Armed with all this info, you are bound to choose the right ISP!

Why are we Popular in the Broadband Business?

Asianet Broadband is the pioneering home-grown internet service provider that has been around in Kerala since 1993. Along with the internet broadband services, Asianet Communications also offers Asianet cable TV services, both of which are delivered through coaxial cables to your homes and offices. Majority of people who opt for Asianet broadband services also use Asianet cable TV for home entertainment as there are more freebies that are available when both services are availed from the same provider.

Over the more than 25 years of service to the people of Kerala, we have developed the largest network of cables throughout the state that touches almost every corner of the rural and urban areas. Our popularity is such that Asianet has become a household name where everyone can relate to the company in one way or the other. Being a market leader in south India, we are ranked among the top 20 internet service providers (ISP) in India and among the fastest growing ISPs in the country by TRAI (telecom regulatory authority of India). We use the latest technologies like DOCSIS and GPON that have been adopted by the world leaders in the internet service provider’s space.

Our popularity is glaring when you look at our subscriber base which includes almost 2 lakh subscribers that includes homes, SMEs and corporate customers of the business world, across 56 towns and cities across Kerala. With so much success, we have now moved ahead and are expanding our network into the bordering cities in Tamil Nadu too. Our bandwidth capacity is more than 30Gbps which is the largest in Kerala among the new generation of private internet service providers.

Aside from this, we have an ISO 9001:2000 certification for our projects division which deals with business plans for companies. We provide a variety of services and solutions that includes both Comprehensive Network Solutions as well as Broadband Internet Access. Along with Web Solutions and Turnkey Network Solutions, we also provide VoIP Solutions, Wireless Networking Solutions and LAN-WAN System Integration Solutions. Other facilities for businesses include Surveillance and Access Solutions, Storage Solutions, Network Security Management Solutions, Raised Floor Systems and Network Survey and Auditing to name a few.

Aside from our business solutions, we also have great offers for the home browsers and regular broadband users. To make it more convenient for our customers, we offer both prepaid as well as postpaid plans, depending upon the usage. Aside from this we also have fixed data plans as well as unlimited plans for households where more than one person is online at a time. For the heavy internet users, the postpaid is the ideal plan and is best for those into live video streaming, online gaming and movie downloads. There are numerous plans available with the tariff varying according to data usage, starting from a minimal pack of Rs.99 that is ideal for students on a budget, and going on into heavy packages according to data needs.

In fact, we have something for everyone and that’s why we are number one in Kerala. With a strong 24×7 customer service to back us up in our more than 100 service centers, we are definitely at the top of our game!

Is a Broadband Internet Connection a Necessity now ?


Though many people may joke about others being on the internet all the time, the bland truth is that broadband internet has woven itself so deeply into our lifestyles that being without it leaves us feeling like being out on a limb! Currently, there is a big debate raging on this topic with many people postulating that broadband internet is a necessity while others are of the opinion that it is a luxury afforded by the well-heeled ones.

Earlier on, when the internet was a relatively new thing, with the slow dial-up system linked to a phone line, it was usually used minimally for emailing purposes. But since internet service providers noticed the interest shown in this facility, a newer and faster version was developed known as the broadband internet. With the high speeds of data transfer available and numerous programs that utilize it, people have incorporated its use into almost all aspects of their lives.

From watching news online in the morning to shopping online and keeping in touch with friends and family, broadband internet has innumerable uses. It has become absolutely essential for research work by university scholars as well as for school students in doing their homework and projects. Since not everyone is able to attend physical classes, either due to lack of time or due to distance constraints, there are many online educational courses available now that you can study from home with the help of broadband internet; this wouldn’t have been possible in the earlier days of dial-up internet.

Another important use of the high-speed broadband internet is working remotely from the office, that is, from home. This empowers people to be able to work at their own convenience. People who want to be useful, but can’t invest full working hours, can work as freelancers from home too, using the broadband as a tool. With so much information available on the net, searching for jobs also just got easier as most employers prefer to advertise cheaply on the internet where a maximum number of net-surfers can be found. The internet is also where we now pay our bills instead of wasting time, resources and effort queuing up at offices to pay them; it’s also where we now do our banking and get our credit card statements.

Aside from all these uses, broadband internet is a great provider for entertainment at home. Downloading movies and streaming live videos is the current rage among the youth. Many people spend hours watching YouTube or playing online video games in their free time from the comfort of their home. A Wi-Fi at home helps in keeping the peace among family members as more than one person can be logged on at the same time on the internet, without disturbing the others.

In 2016, the United Nations Human Rights Council recognized that high-speed broadband is not a luxury, but a necessity and has the great potential to accelerate human progress. It facilitates ‘huge opportunities for affordable and inclusive education, globally’. Just the way the phone was considered a necessity for survival earlier, broadband internet is the new survival tool. Indeed, it is the future of world economy, prosperity, and society as a whole.

Why is Broadband the Best for Heavy Internet Users ?

Who would have thought a century ago that life would be so ruled by the internet that we would need it for everything ranging from kids’ homework to making free calls, office work and even watching movies and engaging in sports activities like tennis, boxing and cycling (with Nintendo Wii gaming).

But as with everything else, there are those who go in too deeply into a good thing; such people are usually referred to here as heavy internet users here and they tend to spend an abnormally long time online. They usually engage in activities that include video streaming, gaming and sharing files with their peers. All this requires a lot of bandwidth and heavy internet users might have to pay additional charges to their internet service providers; in case you were wondering, bandwidth simply refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time and is measured in bytes per second.

There are an increasing number of activities available online these days that need high bandwidth and its becoming a problem for heavy internet users that tend to delve into these activities for many hours every day. And that’s not all as studies conducted at Harvard showed that many of these internet addicts tended to suffer from depression and even tended to have high blood pressure.

But all that’s beside the point. What we are more concerned about is bringing down the bills. And we can only do that by doing a little research on the internet service providers in the area where we live and go through the high-speed broadband packages they offer. One of the best and most reliable broadband providers is our flagship company, Asianet Broadband services which offers numerous unlimited packages, both in the prepaid and postpaid categories, which are suitable for most types of internet users. With download speeds of up to 100Mbps, we are among the top twenty internet service providers in India.

The best way to go for heavy internet users would be to invest in an unlimited postpaid package. Out of the three options of double data offer, speed plus and data plus, the best is speed plus as it offers unlimited broadband data use and comes in different tariffs to suit the pockets of different individuals. Postpaid is always better for heavy broadband users as they wouldn’t want to suddenly get stuck in the middle of a game or download just because they ran out of data. Aside from this, unlimited downloads offer is great, even if the broadband speed slows down a little after usage of a certain fixed amount of data.

So the options are many when it comes to convenient broadband tariff packages for those who need to stay online for more than seven hours a day engaging in activities that include data intensive activities like watching YouTube for more than two hours, needing about 500MB daily, downloading a movie daily which needs at least 700MB, sharing files which could be anywhere from 3MB to 3GB and – of course, playing online games!

The best friend for such heavy internet users therefore is most definitely the broadband internet!

Choosing a Plan for Light Internet Use


Technology has taken over our lives to the extent that we find ourselves at a lose end when we are plucked out of our internet-cocooned life. We suddenly find it very hard to cope up with life as we have become so used to the broadband internet for most of our daily activities, starting from payment of bills and communications to office work and entertainment.

A situation without internet is hard to imagine, yet that is how our parents grew up and things weren’t too bad for them in those days! But today, these same parents are also becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for quite a number of their activities. And when it comes to choosing an internet broadband package for yourself, there are several criteria that you will need to consider carefully.
Before going shopping for an internet service provider, you first need to decide what kind of a web user you are…. Are you a light user or a heavy user? And do you have an idea of how much download you are planning to engage in? All this will help you to decide on the kind of package to select. This factor has to be considered along with other important factors like speed and cost.

If you are a heavy user, you would probably need heavy-use broadband or superfast broadband. But then if you are a light internet user and just use the broadband for emails and an occasional YouTube session, a beginner’s package would be great for you. Once you have got this out of the way, you now need to look around for a reliable broadband provider. You can access broadband through wireless and wired connections. The latter is more reliable, especially when it comes paired up with TV connection through coaxial cables. There are three ways that wired broadband is available – DSL, cable, and fiber. Of these, cable is the most comfortable in terms of availability and on the pocket. Asianet Broadband services available throughout almost every part of rural and urban areas of Kerala comes packed in coaxial cables and is among the top internet service providers in the country.

If you are a light internet user, it’s better to go for an entry-level broadband plan. There is no point in going for high-speed packages when you might not be availing of the data paid for. And if over time, you do end up spending more time on the broadband, you can always upgrade your plan to a more expensive one. Alternatively, you could opt for a top-up plan.

Almost all internet service providers offer beginner broadband packages that are light on the pocket aside from being within your data usage limits. You could go for our Night Bird plan for just Rs.99 for 5GB data at 10Mbps speeds per month or you can opt for the Bolt 399 plan for Rs.399 for 4GB data at 20Mbps. These are in the prepaid category and will ensure that you are not overbilled at the end of the month. The postpaid plan is usually meant for heavy data users and definitely to be avoided by light internet users.

When should you take up a Prepaid Broadband Connection ?


There is no denying the fact that broadband internet has taken over our lives irrevocably. We depend on it for everything from checking out a new recipe to paying your bills online or staying in touch with friends and family. Just like the phone had become an indispensable part of our lives earlier, it’s the broadband that’s the latest technology to grab the headlines. Numerous programs and apps are being designed around the availability of broadband internet that is drawing us more and more deeply into a webbed world (pun intended!), which we can control from just sitting in front of our computers at home.

No more hassles of running up and down and queuing up to pay bills, reduced usage of paper as most information, bills and mails are available online, so broadband is working to save the environment too! And no more renting of movies for the weekend either as movies, live video streaming and online gaming are some of the activities that can keep you busy at home on the Wi-Fi, without too much financial input.

So when it’s time to decide on a broadband internet connection, there are numerous factors to think of; is the internet service provider a reliable company? Think Asianet Broadband services here, as we have been around for more than 25 years in the business in Kerala and have a network that covers almost all the corners of ‘God’s Own Country’.

Secondly, you have to decide how much data you will need each month. Are you a light user who needs it for emails and a little bit of YouTube or are you a heavy internet user who stays logged on for several hours each day? How many people will be using the Wi-Fi and an estimate of the activities will give you a good idea of your net usage. This will give you an idea of the data package to choose from. The speed and data transfers are the two most important features that govern your choice of a data pack – aside from the monetary factor of course!

A prepaid broadband connection is always better for home use as there are no monthly handling charges, no hassles when it comes to bill payment and there are numerous attractive tariff plans to suit all needs. The best part is that if you feel your prepaid pack isn’t sufficient for you, can always opt for a top-up plan and keep chugging along smoothly. The best-prepaid plans are in the unlimited data usage section where there is no end to the amount of data you can download – a heavenly option for the heavy internet users! Aside from this, prepaid plans usually offer discounts as well as bonus usage upon payment of yearly fees. You also get to use the Wi-Fi modem for free! Not a bad deal at all….

With the unlimited plan, you can carry on with your various activities along with your family without ever having to worry about exceeding your data limits, even if the speeds come down a notch after a while. The most important point is to go for a reliable prepaid package that delivers on its promises!

Why does a Home with Children Need Broadband ?


Times are a changing, so much so that most aspects of life are now becoming irrevocably linked to the internet. Since the advent of the broadband internet with its wider bandwidth and greater downloading speeds, internet usage has been receiving glaring attention and being incorporated into most home and businesses activities. Aside from its usage in the office where emails and large data files have to be exchanged, it’s also needed to operate numerous apps to enable optimal functioning of the office.

The story doesn’t end there however as broadband internet is equally important at home. Gone are the days when a paper and pencil were enough to complete that nightly routine of homework from school; these days homework in urban areas is either sent online and needs to be completed and sent back online too, or homework needs reference to online books or other information available on search engines like Google. Though it’s great to use modern technology as well as go paperless to save the environment, this form of compulsory use of the internet can be a drawback for a certain section of the population.

Not all people opt to have broadband enabled Wi-Fi at home and the children living in such homes become disadvantaged. Going to cyber cafés for homework isn’t always practical, so a high-speed broadband is increasingly becoming a necessity for homes. It could mean the difference between making it in school to falling behind in classes.

The method of teaching has also been undergoing a change with teachers now referring students of all ages to go online and find out more details of whatever is taught to them in school. This type of teaching is more practical as it exposes the child to a plethora of other useful information too! As a parent you might be concerned about inappropriate content or online stalking, and that’s normal enough; just make sure you have a good computer security system and block certain sites along with teaching your child the basic rules of staying safe on the internet.

Internet on a phone isn’t convenient for student use and parents need to provide computers with fixed internet connections that are more reliable and steady in speed bandwidths…..along with the fear of draining the phone battery. Low-income parents may not be able to provide the above, in which case the child will have to depend on internet on a Smartphone.

There are many distant education programs that also need a broadband connection for convenience in studying, so first make sure you have a reliable internet connection before enrolling for such courses.

Aside from this, children of this generation like to spend a lot of time online for extracurricular activities too that include chatting on social media, making free video calls as well as live streaming videos, watching movies and gaming online. For all this, an unlimited broadband plan would be the best and we at Asianet Broadband services offer great packages that suit your needs as well as your pocket. We even offer special packs for students that are very affordable and sufficient for their data needs.

Why are Senior Citizens Enjoying Broadband Internet ?

There is something to be said about the circle of life. When we are young, we are physically weak and dependent on the others. The same carries through when we reach the zenith of our lives and achieve that prestigious place in life called ‘senior citizens’, where wisdom and experience is aplenty, but the average human body is again weakened and incapable of enjoying complete independence.

The only difference is that after having lived an active and vigorous life, it’s difficult to accept that you are really not strong enough anymore to be on the move continuously. And this is when the broadband internet comes into play…..sitting in the cozy comfort of their own homes, the senior citizens can still access the world virtually through the internet! This gives them the feeling of being a part of the outside world, and not some redundant piece of flotsam lying around uselessly.

The trend in most places is for the children to move out of the country for higher studies and work; this leaves the parents at a loose end and insecure. But with our highly reliable broadband connections, and our 24×7 customer service, we at Asianet Broadband services provide the best high-speed internet facilities possible for these senior citizens to stay connected with their families through cheap internet-assisted phone calls and video calls. This is a great boon for these lonely parents left behind as it helps them share the lives of their loved ones virtually, even though thousands of miles separate them.

One can easily access the internet for news and latest global events through various online news portals that not only keep the senior citizens busy in a gainful manner, but also helps them feel connected to the outside world and reduce their feelings of isolation. Through the internet, they are also able to keep themselves entertained with watching movies and YouTube.

A variety of internet-based technologies can empower senior citizens to lead more fulfilling, productive and independent lives. Though many elderly households in rural Kerala do not realize the significance of broadband internet and how it can enrich the quality of their life, majority of senior citizens in the urban and suburban areas are aware of its potential for empowerment. Broadband connectivity offers five major benefits and opportunities to senior citizens in the areas of social connection, health preservation, personal fulfillment, functional capability as well as support from caregivers.

High-speed connectivity can help senior citizens to still be able to work from home as many businesses work from the remote location concept, thus empowering these people to remain productive in spite of being home-bound. They can also operate their own businesses from their homes, helping them stay financially independent as well as feeling empowered. It also keeps their minds working, thus preventing mental disabilities too. They can access various forums, social blogging sites, etc, to stay connected with other people and sharing their ideas.

And believe it or not, online gaming such as Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii can also help these people stay physically fit and active while staying home! …so yes, senior citizens do have a reason to smile when it comes to the broadband internet!