Benefits of Business Fiber Internet Service

fiber internet connectivity

Unmatched speed is of absolute need in a hyper-connected world, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic broke loose. And this has brought about more dependency on the internet. Fiber optic internet installation offers many benefits. Here’s a look

Artificial Intelligence to Deal With Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security

Be it businesses or individuals Cybersecurity is a constant concern for everyone. With the COVID 19 forcing us to stay indoors, the world is going digital at an unprecedentedly fast pace, and so are the changes. And the cyber-attacks are growing too. To keep track of every cyberattack is beyond man. And where a man can’t go, machines can. This is where Artificial Intelligence, they say can help. Let’s take a look at how this is being worked out.

India’s First Fully Digital State

Kerala the First Digital State

In 2016, President Pranab Mukherjee declared Kerala as the first digital state of the country. And now in 2020, as the world stays indoors due to the global Coronavirus, Kerala has transitioned to digital mode without too many glitches and snares.

Speedtest: Is Coronavirus Slowing Internet Speed?

Coronavirus Slowing Internet Speed

The global Coronavirus pandemic has made people world over more reliant on the internet to communicate, work, learn, and stay entertained. And if you’ve been working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, you’ve probably noticed a technical glitch or two. Maybe your coworker’s face froze in a Zoom meeting, or their voice was not audible or the Youtube video you were trying to see kept buffering. Welcome to the global phenomenon! Coronavirus pandemic has affected internet speeds!

What You Could Do With 1Gbps High Speed Internet?

Use of 1Gbps speed internet

Gigabit internet (one gig) is considered as one of the fastest internet speeds that are available and most popular among internet users. One Gigabit internet is recommended to support HD streaming to multiple devices and multiple users. It is advisable for video conferencing, fast data transfers as well as multimedia uploads and downloads. The speed of one Gigabit internet enables you to download a 500 MB video conference in approximately 4 seconds. The speed will further increase with fibre-optic internet and can support up to 100 workers at a time without disruption.

What Is 5G? Things You Didn’t Know About 5G

Features of 5G

5G is the next or fifth generation of wireless technology that promises much faster speeds. It is also expected to give wider coverage and stable connections. The expected speeds are approximately 10 to 20 times faster than the internet speeds that we have now. Whatever the impact, 5G will be recognized as one of the fastest and most solid technologies that the world has ever witnessed. It is different from 4G in the aspect that it is a brand-new radio technology. Initially, it may not be that fast as 5G is likely to be used by network providers to enhance the capacity on existing 4G. Again, the speed will depend on the spectrum brand in which your provider runs the 5G technology and how much your carrier has invested in new masts and transmitters.