Things to Consider Before Buying Antivirus Software

antivirus software

Almost everyone is hooked onto one or the other type of internet-enabled device. All such devices require antivirus software to keep the data stored within safe from malware/spyware. While a number of antivirus software programs are available, you need to know which one is best for your needs. Here are some important facts to guide you through buying the most suitable one:

Cyber Safety Tips for Travel

cyber safety tips for travel

The world has become a global village and traveling has become a regular part of life. Whether traveling for work or leisure, staying connected to the net is an essential part of every travel plan. It’s also essential that your internet-linked devices are safe from cyber threats while on the move. The chances of cybersecurity breaches increase as you travel since different countries vary in their cybersecurity laws.

India’s Current Status on Cybersecurity & Cyber Hygiene

cyber security in india

The ongoing pandemic has kicked the life out of gear for most people and brought in a new norm. Almost everything ranging from work, education, socializing, shopping and payment of utility bills have now gone online. With these changes, cyber crimes in the cyber landscape have shot up multi-fold too. It’s estimated that around 4 lakh malware and 375 cyber attacks are occurring daily across the country. And this is aside from the voice-based frauds that people have been falling prey to.

How can a Good Broadband Connection Make Your Life Easier at Home?

home internet connection

Over the years, the internet has been unobtrusively taking over almost all aspects of our lives. Whatever was remaining unaffected has now been included due to the precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. People now work from home, study online from home as well as socialize, shop and pay utility bills online from home. And for all these to function smoothly, a stable and high-speed broadband is needed.

Benefits of Broadband and Fiber Optic Internet

fiber optic broadband connection

The advent of fiber optics technology has revolutionized the way internet is being used, both in the office and at home. And with more and more people working, studying, and socializing online from home during the current pandemic, the need for a consistently stable, high-speed internet connection cannot be over-emphasized.

Urban Vs Rural Internet Connections

internet market in india

Aside from being the world’s second-most-populous country, India is also the world’s second-largest internet market. According to a study conducted by IAMAI in November 2019, there were 504 million active internet users in the country. What is even more interesting according to this study is that a greater percentage of these internet users live in rural areas. The report also found that women were a part of the surging numbers in rural areas.

How You can Manage Your Broadband FUP Limits?

broadband fup

Broadband has become an integral part of daily life, holding significance for adults as well as children alike. And with the currently raging COVID-19 pandemic and people working and studying online from home, the importance of broadband internet cannot be more emphasized.