Is Fibernet the Perfect Option for E-Learning from Home?

fibernet for e-learning

With the raging COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many life-changing events at a global level. Most people are no longer working out of their offices out of fear of the deadly virus. Students too are being protected and now attend online classes or E-learning from home, both at the school and college levels. And for all this remote learning to be possible, a high-speed and reliable internet service becomes a necessity.

Impact of COVID-19 on Broadband Internet

covid-19 and broadband Internet

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a whole gamut of lifestyle changes across the globe. It has significantly affected the way people work, study, shop and socialize now. This global pandemic is touted to bring about long-term changes on the way people live, getting them closer to home-base and family, and changing their basic behavior towards life.

How does the VPN Protect your Broadband Connection from Viruses?

vpn security

Unknown to some, as you are browsing the net, ‘big brother’ is always watching your browsing history. While this may not always lead to misuse of your data, it is definitely intrusive. But with more and more people working from home now, their browsing history can become targeted for malicious attacks or even stolen. This is where VPNs come in.

Time To Move For Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

Predominantly, there are two basic things that users always consider in an internet connection. The first one is the speed and the second is reliability. Users are always keen on researching new technologies with a view to access the internet fast and smoothly. In this context, Wireless Internet Connection has gained popularity among the users due to its faster speed and strong connectivity. The most important thing with a wireless connection is that users don’t need to struggle with messy cables and big modems. There are some strong reasons why it is recommended to switch from a traditional connection to a wireless connection.

The Broadband Speed Test: Does Your Internet Browser Matter

Speed Test

Different browsers do come up with their own advantages. For example, Chrome is known for its HTML5 support, effectively future-proofing it for web application development. On the other hand, Firefox has a good start-up time, memory use and security. In the case of Opera, it can increase the offline speed with intelligent catching. Finally, Internet Explorer is what many users are familiar with and includes excellent hardware acceleration.

How to Secure your Broadband Connection?

Broadband Internet Security

The internet or broadband connection has become an indivisible part of modern-day life. And with more people working from home during this pandemic period, it has become even more important to keep your connection secure from fraudulent activities and cyber-attacks.

GPON Broadband Technology

GPON Broadband Technology

Information technology is key to modern-day development and is essential for growing companies. That is why IT support companies like FMT as well as others, are needed to help businesses with their systems and performance. The Passive Optic Network (PON) has been available since the mid-nineties with the dawn of fiber optics; since then it has been on a gradual evolution as broadband wasn’t large enough to meet customer demands.

Benefits of Business Fiber Internet Service

fiber internet connectivity

Unmatched speed is of absolute need in a hyper-connected world, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic broke loose. And this has brought about more dependency on the internet. Fiber optic internet installation offers many benefits. Here’s a look

Ways to Get Wi-Fi in Every Room of Your House

wifi home

So, you have bought a new Wi-Fi connection. However, you are not able to enjoy binge watching Netflix binge or Spotify streaming from every place of your home? Here are some tips that will help you.

Best Internet Service for Serious Gamers & Streamers

Best Gaming ISPs

Are you someone who hates the word buffering? You are not alone. This bane can be all the more frustrating if you are streaming a show or playing a game. Here are some of the reasons why you are facing this issue, and ways to get over this hassle.