Similarities between the Internet and the Intranet

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Computerization networks and the internet have taken over modern-day life to a very extensive level. A situation has been created where it’s impossible to get anything done without referring to the internet first – be it at work or at home. The World Wide Web has also introduced numerous terminologies; two common ones that stick out are the internet and the intranet; though they are similar-sounding, they are two different entities.

Is Access to the Internet a ‘Human Right’?

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While it’s common to joke about people spending too much time on the internet and ‘webaholism’, the internet has become an integral part of daily living. At the same time, it has also lead to the introduction of a plethora of new nomenclature in the medical field related to syndromes and medical conditions associated with over-use of the internet.

Different Types of Modems

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To begin with, the word modem is actually an abbreviation for the words ‘Modulator’ and ‘Demodulator’. A modem is an electronic device that is used to transfer data from one computer network to another. Modems are capable of converting digital signals from the transmitting computer, into analogue signals before sending them. At the same time, they are also capable of converting analogue signals into digital signals when at the receiving end.

How Does a Wireless Router Work with a Modem?

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With the internet being so much a part of daily life, there is no doubt that words like modem and router have been part of your vocabulary for some time now. However, while most people may know the words, understanding the real deal behind them is what really matters.

Cyber Safety Information

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The internet is one of the best resources available to us. But just like the proverbial serpent in the Garden of Eden, danger lurks behind this splendid resource too. Most users, especially the younger ones, are unaware of the extent to which scammers and hackers would go to collect vital information off them. It’s up to the users to be wary and use the internet with precaution.

Distinguish between Intranet and Extranet

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Technology is being used in every hemisphere of life and there is no end to the kind of nomenclature the internet world throws at you. While intranet and extranet are both methods of accessing the web, they are increasingly becoming more popular with businesses bent on securing their data. Here’s a look at the factors distinguishing these two networks.

Know How to get Maximum Internet Speeds

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Are your downloading speeds lower than what your ISP promised? Before you start blaming your service provider and thinking of changing your internet plan, you should know that internet speeds depend on a number of other factors too. These factors can be external or internal to your network.

What are Network Security Threats?

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While your mother may have told you never to talk to strangers, the same advice is needed when dealing with the virtual world online. You know that you shouldn’t share your bank details with anyone, yet, are you sure that the website you are logging in is actually your bank’s website and not some cybercriminals creation? The World-Wide-Web is increasingly becoming a dangerous place and network threats have become a daily source of a headache to internet users and businesses and everyone needs to be extra vigilant online.

What is a Modem Used For?

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With the world chugging along at top-speed to get fully digitalized, it’s essential to know the function of each and every part of your internet device. To begin with, there is the tiny box-like modem which serves as a common link between your computer and your internet connection. And if you are using a DSL connection, then your modem will connect to a special wall outlet – and if it’s a cable connection, then it will connect to the available coaxial cable box.