Internet Habits that Waste Time Online During Work

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The online world is an amazing space that can keep you glued to it for hours on end. Having said that, it can also become a major source of distraction when you are ‘at work’. Here’s a look at some internet habits that waste work time, and tips on overcoming them:

How to Protect Your Identity from Theft Online?

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The online world is an exciting jungle where all kinds of activities take place – including identity theft! This refers to any kind of scam or deception resulting in the loss of important personal data. These could include passwords, credit card numbers, banking information, etc., which are stolen with the sole intention of committing fraud and crimes. For some, this could lead to huge financial losses that take months to resolve, if at all, while others have had to pay for crimes committed by someone who has stolen their identity.

Choosing the Right Internet Service to Sell Your Products Online

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The digital world has grown so large today that it encompasses almost every aspect of day-to-day life. Daily activities ranging from working, studying, banking, socializing, shopping, gaming and all aspects of entertainment have now moved online. Life has become so dependent on the internet, that having a reliable high speed broadband has become an absolute necessity – especially for those sellers who are into e-commerce and sell their products online.

Best Internet Connection for Startups

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With advancements in technology, the success of emerging businesses are increasingly dependent on high-speed business internet connectivity. ISPs (internet service providers) offering greater upload and download speeds, unlimited bandwidth and better online security ensure that businesses can have a global outreach with more efficient customer and employee interactions from multiple locations. If you’re working with a company that offers cold calling services, a strong internet connection will be vital.

How to Reset your Router?

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Terminologies can sometimes get tricky with phrases such as ‘Reboot’, ‘Restart’ and ‘Reset’ getting mixed up easily when it comes to routers. It should be noted however that Reboot and Restart easily mean the same thing and involve your switching off the device and switching back on again within a minute.

How to Raise Your Kid as a Responsible Digital Citizen?

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The current generation is ‘internet-trained’ right from a very young age, and this trend just got further enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic where children are attending school online, socializing online and even graduating online.

How to Check Your Broadband Download Speed?

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There are so much new jargons in the computing world to learn with download speeds being one of them. While broadband speeds are supposed to be very fast, exactly what are your downloading speeds? Are they sufficient for your needs? Or do you experience lag or slow speeds when downloading files or streaming HD videos?

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Your Internet Connection

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The pandemic has brought home the importance of the internet yet again, with most businesses and education having gone online. Payment of utilities, online shopping, banking and socializing are being increasingly done online too, translating to even further dependence on the internet.

Work From Home: Tips for Working Professionals

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As with most other things, there are pros and cons associated with working from home too. During 2020, there was no way out but to work from home to maintain social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While working from the office poses the disruptions caused by colleagues dropping by for a chat and breaking your concentration, working from home has its own share of challenges too. From the pain due to the lack of a proper wrist rest to your family disturbing you, the possibilities of a situation arising are endless!

Tips to Reduce Lag During Online Gaming

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Playing games has now moved indoors, and to be more specific, games have now moved online and the desire to learn about eSports games has seen a substantial jump. It’s estimated that there are about one billion active online gamers on a global scale, with South Korea, China and Japan leading the way. For smooth online gaming, a constant factor is the need for speed and bandwidth. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose a game just because your network was slow or experiencing lag.