Wi-Fi or Broadband – Which is Better?

wi-fi or broadband

The world is getting increasingly hooked to the internet – and becoming a better place for it too. Technological advancements in this field have thankfully meant that people also now have access to faster broadband speeds than ever before. The Wi-Fi has also been upgraded to keep up with broadband developments, but still, a misconception exists about the two. Many people are under the impression both terms refer to the same thing, but the truth couldn’t be further than this!

How to Improve Bandwidth Speeds

bandwidth speed

Everyone has been through that stage when the internet connection seems excruciatingly slow and webpages take so long to load and videos take forever to buffer. Chances are that you need to improve your bandwidth speed. Here’s a look at some easy steps to getting your speeds back to peak levels again:

What is Internet Lag? How to Stop It?


A fast broadband connection makes for greater surfing satisfaction, increased productivity, improved gaming experiences, live streaming and online video meetings. But then there is also the proverbial thorn with the rose, and its called lag or latency. Lag is known to slow down connectivity, pixelate your video calls, freeze up your video games, leading to delayed live experiences and generally lead to significantly reduced data transmission.

How Broadband Works

broadband works

Broadband has become an integral part of life today and refers to high speed internet connections that enable you to enjoy all devices connected to the internet. Its roots lie in the older dial-up connection system that was very slow compared to the modern-day broadband speeds available. This older system has given way to newer technologies that utilize copper cables, fiber optic cables as well as satellite connectivity.

What is Wi-Fi Calling and How Does it Work?

wi-fi calling

Advancing technologies have meant evolution with the way people keep in touch. While it all started with the land phone, voice calls are now by cellular services and smartphones. Then there are the VoIP calls (voice over internet protocol), also known as IP telephony, which is voice communication with multimedia sessions over the internet. These include WhatsApp or Skype calls over the internet.

And then there is Wi-Fi calling. Don’t let the term confuse you as it’s just a voice calling service over the wireless internet connection, instead of a cellular signal.

Why Does My Broadband Speed Fluctuate?

broadband speed fluctuate

Broadband refers to the highspeed delivery of data over the internet; this can be over coaxial cables, fiber-optic cables, DSL or satellite connections. The width of the bandwidth can vary between frequencies of 50-7,000 Hz and this is crucial for facilitating high-definition audio and video streaming. While it is recommended that your broadband connection offers 25Mbps as download speeds and 3Mbps as uploading speeds, there might be some variations depending on your specific needs, cost or availability.

Ultimately, your chosen broadband package depends on its usage – if you are into live streaming or gaming or into heavy downloading and uploading, then a 100Mbps connection would be best.

How to Set up Your Wi-Fi for Guests

wi-fi setup for guests

The festive season is almost here, a time when friends and family get together under one roof to catch up and celebrate. This also means that you will need to be ready to share your broadband width with your guests as well as your Wi-Fi password. Here is a look at some tips to get your Wi-Fi network ready and working smoothly for your guests:

How 5G will Transform Industries?

5g transformation

With India poised on the brink of changing over from 4G to 5G internet services, the very fabric of the country’s socio-economic structure is also expected to undergo significant transformation. The 5G high-speed internet connectivity is expected to improve broadband penetration greatly, especially into the interiors.

5G has the potential to open up new avenues of growth in areas that have been facing challenges till now. These include healthcare and quality education – including online learning. High speed internet connectivity to homes is also expected to address basic challenges and create a new mapwork for growth.

Are Broadband and Ethernet Cables the Same?

broadband and ethernet

The internet has taken over all aspects of daily living – whether it’s for work, education, entertainment, banking, healthcare, transport, etc., and made the world into a global village.

Can Broadband Be Hacked?

broadband hack

Security of your broadband network will always be an area of concern, with the router being a popular target. And that’s one good reason not to use routers that are popular on online sites as they are more often hacked. When you are experiencing internet problems, it could be due to issues arising from your service provider’s side, due to bad weather or maybe because of faulty equipment. Then there is the ominous possibility that your broadband has been hacked too. Not to worry too much as there are ways you can figure out if your network has been hacked, and ways to fix it.