Pros and Cons of VOIP

VOIP Pros & Cons - Asianet Broadband

Also known as Voice over IP, VOIP is gaining importance all over the world wherever internet is available. It allows callers to make free phone calls over a LAN (local area network) or internet. This technology has a list of attractive features and a price that’s unbeatable.

How Does VOIP Work?

How Does VOIP Work - Asianet Broadband

For those of you not in the know, VOIP refers to Voice over IP and allows users to make cheap phone calls using the internet. VOIP can be used over a number of devices including computers, laptops, ATAs (Analog terminal adaptors) and IP phones. With advancements in this relatively new technology, this system can now be used on smartphones and tablets too.

Differentiate between D2 and D3 Modems

D2 & D3 modems - Asianet Broadband

D2 and D3 modems are also known as DOCSIS modems with the full form standing for Data over Cable Service Interface Specifications. DOCSIS is an international telecommunications standard which allows the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer over a coaxial cable TV system.